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Last Activity:
Feb 23, 2014
Jan 30, 2010
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Sep 12, 1992 (Age: 27)

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Barney Stinson!, 27, from Sweden

Larris was last seen:
Feb 23, 2014
    1. Endless
      Yeah, we use chips too, but they're avatars for the money we play for :)
      Well, not much as of yet. We know that Kyurem will get two new formes (Black Kyurem and White Kyurem) when it absorbs some energy from Zekrom or Reshiram. The games will be for regular DS so no need for an 3DS. And that's pretty much all we know :/
      Yeah, I recommend you finnish black ;) Many speculate that b2w2 will be sequels to bw instead on just new versions so you might need to know the old story to fully understand them :)
    2. Endless
      Yeah, we usually play texas hold'em :) But it's just for fun, no really large pots ;)
      Actually, I haven't played for a while, but I guess I'll start again when BW2 comes out :) How about you?
      A nice, I'm back to school now too >_>
    3. Endless
      Oh, long time no see :D
      I'm doing fine, it's winter vacation this week so I have been busy playing some poker. Besides this week it has been the same, school and hanging out with friends :)
      How about you? :)
    4. Macario
      Wanna cyber
    5. Endless
      Yeah galaxy is a great single player game and there is alot of planets to visit and a hell of stars to collect, and I always find it funny just flying around with the red star without any purpose :9
      Well for a Wii, SSBB is awsome and while I don't have it, I think Mario Kart Wii is pretty good too ;) To be honest, I am not that huge a fan of Rock Band/ Guitar Hero.
      Well Wii play might be comparable with the Mario Sports games, just that you play as a Mii
      nah, it is ok, we got alot more homework than last week though :/ How could it come that you started on the summer vacation before me, and still got to wait longer than me for going back to school? That is so unfair :(
    6. Endless
      Yeah, it sure would :)
      Yeah, but unfortunatly I never think it is gonna happen, Nintedo and Sony seem to hold their exclusives in high regard, and in Nintedo's case; the company wouldn't do too well when other machines have the same games. Microsoftt is the only company that let out some of their games to other consoles, if I remember correctly :/
      I don't know any good multiplayer Mario games to Wii, they have only released three; Super Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Brow Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2.
      However Wii play, that always follow in the Wii's package has a great multiplayer :)
      Yeah, It started at Wednesday, how about you?
    7. Endless
      Yeah :)
      Yes, for some reason, the simpler the game is the more tension ;)
      Yeah I imagine so, at least my friends got a good laugh, I was just happy that it was a hot day and i went shirtless, wouldn't want my shirt ****ed up :)
      It wasn't that scary really, but it was exciting :p
      I can never make up my mind on the matter. Of course i love how Nintendo handles Zelda, Mario, Pokemon and all their other exclusived, but other times I wish they would let other systems run the games.
      If I remember correctly, the multiplayer suck.
      That's good! I don't think you need too much training, the gym is not that hard;)
    8. Endless
      Well then I have to try them out sometime :)
      Yeah it was very fun, as he had 4 controllers, we played 2 vs 2. It had alot of intensity :)
      Yeah it was mostly gaming, I think we didn't sleep the first night, but we did sleep a little the other night. It was fun to paint the scooter, and after we had finished we shot at the empty sprays with his air rifle. Of course I was the one that shot through it and the rest of the paint was all over me. I had to shower and scrub my upper body with a really hard brush to get the painting of :/ The spray didn't ignite as we hoped, as it was supposed to be "extremely flammable" :(
      PO (Pokemon Online) is a pokemon simulator on the pc that I use to play competitive. You can just make up the pokemon in seconds and is much easier than to EV train in the games or as cheap as hack. It is a great alternative to the games if you want to play competitive :)
      I would go with the PS3, as it got a stronger games and better graphic, and the Wii U will be out in a year or so anyway.
      Well I have Mario Galaxy, it was a great game and if you do buy a Wii, it is one of the games you have to try.
      Well, that isn't bad, I haven't played in a while either :)
    9. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      It sounds like you're having a good time.
      As for me, I just recently got back from a week-long trip to a place called Green Bank with a school group I'm in called the Pulsar Search Collaboratory, which is basically a radio astronomy club. I just recently got back.
    10. Endless
      I haven't tried the mini games, you can say I rage quitted after I lost to Will and only taking down one of his pokemon. After that we played some Mario Tennis (or whatevs it is called)
      Right :) I found Snap to be such a happy game, and that is in contrast to other pokemon games. It was always so much fun and no worries :)
      Ah, I can see how it helped, after all Fire is 4x against his main pokemon, Leavanny. You shouldn't have any problems with the gym with ice beam Samurott, Axew(Fraxure? ) can also do great if it is fast enough ;)
      Well irl, I was at a friends place and I and six other friends slept over two nights in a row, we played a little CoD and painted this guys scooter. However we mostly played WWE 08' and that was a lot of fun! :D
      In-game, well I haven't played in a while, I played a little PO for the hell of it though.
      How are you doing?
    11. Endless
      It was really fun, you should try it out, however I prefer SSBB to wii over the original :) I haven't really tried stadium more than once, and I failed hard because I chose strong pokemon with the worst movepool in exsistence :/ I always wished for a sequel or remake of Snap preferable on 3DS
      Sure, pepsi is boss
      Nah, no damage taken, I didn't get very far on the SR anyway ^^
      Damn typo, I ment Burgh, the third gym leader, the creepy insect guy :S
    12. Endless
      Well, then he must be awsome :) Rwo of my frineds just recently dug up their own 64's. One of them have the original SSB and three controllers so we had alot of fun. Yeah, I'll see what I can get(whoverI'm thinking of getting LPB2)
      Ok, car games isn't my type of games, everything is happening fast and not really smooth :/
      Haven't you heard :o :Summer time is Pepsi time ;)
      Yeah, I was happy with it.
      Good for you:) Yup he had some kind of ugly green color and was even paler:/ That's the problem:/
      It seems like many people find that gym very hard. It is Elesa and Lenora who people see as the best gym leaders this time. Personally, I had large problems with Butgh(of all things).
    13. Endless
      Yeah, when I play on a DS and can actually chose who I want to be, I pick ROB too :) Oh cool you got a 64, I never had one, I feel my childhood is hollow now :'(
      I never tried a brain training game before, how is it? (I feel some kond of deja vu)
      WHAT?! All cool kids drink pepsi y'know
      That's cool it got a beatiful colorations, I always like pokemon with a kind of dark body and some light blue parts (like Umbreon). Yeah I did get something good, I got a shiny Houndour :D or was it the shiny Grumpig, I don't remember
      Aw you have two finished SR's, that's wonderful! I once tried to SR for a Latios in HGSS, until I noticed that the shiny color sucked. When I have motivation, I keep on SRing for Regice in Emerald, however I haven't really put my soul in it for quite some time.
      Using Marrilands teambuilder, it doesn't look like you have huge problems with your team. No type is super effective against more than two of your team members, however the biggest problem would probably be Water, Electric and maybe Flying?
    14. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      Yeah it's a pretty decent team.
      Anything interesting happen with you lately?
    15. Endless
      Yeah, it was quite a rage ^^" I don't own the game myself, so i played with DS Download Play. I could only be shy guy but that didn't matter because he is one of my favorite Mario characters anyway :)
      Quicksaving works the same way as saving when you got a streak in the battle tower. When you start up the game again it will save and if you then lose or restart the system without saving it will still count as a lose. Really annoying when some of the longest Dungeons that more than an hour to complete :/
      I'm not sure if I have asked you before, but what games do you have?
      Yeah, however my favorite soda must be pepsi Max :)
      if I remember correctly, you didn't like Tynamo or Klink very much, but what was your opinion on Ferroseed?
      Oh, nice! You chaugh a shiny Boldore in Twisted Mountain? I don't remember how it looks but Gigalith look like usual just with blue crystals instead of red, really cool! I myself haven't been too luvky with shinies. The first I encoutered was in FR, it was an Golbat, of course did i only have one Ultra Ball with me and it escaped, after that i always have atleast 10 ball with me. You can say I got balls :D The second on was a Wurmple of all things, it evolved into Dustox and becaume really ugly and i traded it for something. The last shiny I have caugh myself was a Musharna, a pokemon I really don't find cool nor awsome :(
      But didn't you SR for a shiny Lugia once and completed it?
      i don't remember using to much time there, the most boring /longest path in BW for me must have been the Victory Road, but it wasn't a big deal :)
      Oh, that seems like a farly balanced team. So you went with Archeops, that nice. And I knew that anyone sane can't resist the awsomeness named Scrafty ;) Galvantula, aren't you kinda scared of bugs? :O
    16. Endless
      Well basivly I just shaked it a little after losing a Mario Cart race. It still works, but the hings are completely ****ed:/
      Eh, the Mystery Dungeon had a really great storyline(Pokemon MD games are said to have the best story), but I really didn't like the gameplay. Quicksaving was stupid and I don't like games where you have to take care of hunger and such by how long time/distance you have traveled. Ranger is the completely opposite. it was really fun to catch pokemon, but the storyline was FAR to short, even for a pokemon game :/ It's a stereotypical Sonic game, running from start to stop in a 2D world, a completely "OK" game. Advance Wars is one of my favourite game series. You are a comander that lead your army to victory. You control each units movement and can buy more and they all have different purposes, each comander also have a uniqe abillity so it is really fun. It is turn based, so usually no time stress, however it can still be a real brainfu ck. :)
      I don't know how large the different the change is as i never had a Lite. However it foes have a menu and a camera, two things the original didn't have.
      I haven't tasted it. My favorite fantas are the usual orange flavoured and Exotic ;)
      Well I found it to be an ok place. I usually don't like caves but this one was ok. The electric stones was a nice touch :) It also contains many of the cool pokemon from this gen, Tynamo, Klink and Ferrothorn :D Whay did you think of it?
      So what's your team?
    17. Endless
      Well, it is ok. I bought it becaus emy old DS(the first model) is completely trash. I must say that I also bought it in case the newer pokemon games would only be playable on it :)
      Well, I got some DS games. Pokemon: HG, Pearl, Platinium, White, Mystery Dungeon: Blue, 2nd Ranger, non-Pokemon: Sonic - Rush, Advance Wars:Dual Strike and maybie some more.
      The only 3DS game I got is Legend of Zelda OoT, but it is very good :)
      Well today was actually the nicest day for about two weeks, it didn't start raining until about 4 o' clock :/
      Oh, Elder. I don't like it either :/ Yeah, I hate that :/
      So how far are you into Black now?
    18. Endless
      Well, we don't eat to much candy. It is mostly chips and drank some cola. We might have earen some candy too but I don't remember it :)
      Yeah, but I just recently bought a 3DS so I must wait quite some time ;)
      Yesterday was kinds ok, it rained a little on the morning, but then I'm asleep so I don't care. But today it's all rainy again :/
      Summer all year would be awsome :D
      Oh, now I know what you are talking aabout. Well I don't have aanything against sorbet, but I can see how they taste bad if they have a bad flavor. I remember once when I though I bought regular vanilla ice cream, but it ended up with some kind of mixture of apple and cherry. That was not good :(
      Yeah, I enjoy it pretty much, but only when i play with friends. I sometimes want to kill myself on behalf of all the stupid people i meet on the multiplayer :/
    19. Endless
      Well yeah, me and on of my friends completed the storyline over the weekend :)
      However if I get my hand on another 5th gen game I would love to start over and take my time, that's we i restart older games :)
      Yeah, summer over here isn't summer. Ir is just a grey dull rainy excuse for a season :(
      It's a shame for humanity that there weren't any real vanilla ice cream there :/
      What is a sobré? I tried googling it, but all I get is strange Spanish stuff.
      Well, we don't play the story mode, but the two other modes. The multiplayer is a normal FPS multiplayer. Shoot or be shot. The other mode is a survival mode, where you try to survive as long as possible against hordes of Nazi Zombies. I like the latter best because it is more teamwork based and not as competitive :)
    20. Endless
      Well the mechanics is quite OK. One season is one month irl ;)
      Well on my first playthrough I rush to the extreme. I and my two other friends who play pokemon are having a (non)sleep over when the games are released :)
      Yeah, I though it looks a little cute, but for some reason I don't like that the beak is white, I would have prefered yellow or gold for some reason :/
      Oh, that's great! I'm glad you had nice weather, unlike me ^^ Yeah, I hope the desserts was good, I'm really weak for ice cream :q But it is great that everyone had a good time and everything went as it should :)
      Mhm, well I had a little LAN yesterday, with three friends. We played Black Ops, a game that not many people except the one that plays it like ^^"
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    Sep 12, 1992 (Age: 27)
    I'm a 17 year old girl and I'm a huge fan of tv-series! :)

    Movies, tv-series, music, friends.


    Vampire Diaries - How I Met Your Mother - Pretty Little Liars - Gossip Girl - 90210 - Glee

    True Blood - Grey's Anatomy - Desperate Housewives - The Big Bang Theory

    - Yes, I'm a fan of tv-series!

    Platinum fc: 2106 7266 2297
    Heartgold fc: 0475 0440 0441
    Black fc: 1678 5055 7967

    Wanna trade, battle or chat? Just vm/pm me!
    And oh, brooooownies and coookies :) <3
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