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Last Activity:
Feb 23, 2014
Jan 30, 2010
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Sep 12, 1992 (Age: 27)

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Barney Stinson!, 27, from Sweden

Larris was last seen:
Feb 23, 2014
    1. Endless
      Well it is best to do it fast and then have alot of freetime afterwards:D
      Yeah it is stupid so we have no coice but to freeze:/
      Well I don't like hard car games, just the easy ones :3 I think Mario kart is broken because of the blue shells:/ Never heard of Crash team racing, is it good?
      Glad you like it:)
      Meh, it is childish to do trick or treat and I really hadn't power to go to a sleep over(except we shouldn't sleep) after I had a pokemon LAN from Friday to Saturday.
      How about you?
    2. Endless
      Well shopping is about 10 but cleaning is 1 or 0 if that is allowed:p
      Yeah it sucks-.- We can't wear jackets or hoods or anything inside, even a scarf is one the line to not legal:/
      Well yeah, and as far as I know it is the only game with two evil teams in it. and it have an awsome "movie scene" that i just loved when I first saw it:)
      Yeah another shade of green and another shade of white that doesn't looks so lame.
      Do you ? I think the Regi trio is the second coolest, only beaten by the legendary beasts.
      Yeah, I heard you didn't like first person shooting, but I didn't know you did not like Car/ Third person shooting games?
      Well, yeah books are like 5 on the scale:p
      Oh, nice, my two TV's are "ok" but they are huge(like not wide but well from the front to the back) And they aren't even H D:/
      But anyway, nice to hear that you can realx and watch tv in your bed:)
    3. Endless
      Well, my room is not so messed, but dusty(and if there is one thing I hate more than shopping is it to clean dust, seriously, vacuuming, putting thing in place and so one, but just not cleaning!) But I have a big pile of cloths:p
      Well I was there fror about 12 days so I had alot of time:) Seriously, I have used my winter jacket for about a month:o We can only be inside at school if it is lower than -10c', and we still have to go out in the luch break:/
      Well I highty recommend it, Emerals is the pokemon game with the best storymode imo, tied with Platinium. Well I didn't really feel that bad because I had only played about 100 hour on it, I used nearly the same team as in Ruby and I never defeated a Frontier Head:/ However it was really fun now that I understood more of it and used pookemon I never had used before, and actually took the time to get into the game instead of just rushing throught it.
      I also have given up on SR'ing for Latios as I suddenly found out it was ugly, we the h*ll didn't I notice how pale it looked?! but I might do SR'ing for Regice in E, because I low the light blue nerly glowing color of his:)
      I feel a little guilty now so I have to read a stupid book that I must finish this week, only 150 pages again:/ And I am also not really a fan of reading books:/
      Hope you get better time:D
      Well I haven't done much, I was a little bored so I bought GTA lV today, so I got a game to play for the moment, however COD7 come sout in one month so then I am gonna play that for a long time:D
      How about you? :)
    4. Endless
      Well then you have to clean your DS :D
      Well. I have downloaded Mew ;). too bad, you only can download it into HGSS, and not DPPt:/
      Yeah, I was with my family, and I agree completely; it is freakin' cold here! It was nice with 40c' tempratures:p
      However I restarted Emerald on the way to the airport, and I also played it on the plain(and a little in the evenings because it was not much else to do:p)
      So what have you been doing lately?
    5. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      I'm pretty fine. Homework is a pain though. :P
      Mostly, I have been trying to figure out a way to start out my project, but I have an essay that I have to do now that is taking up some time too.
    6. Endless
      It is just that when I read it I had no time to answer, and then I forgot about it when it did not show "1 notification" in the corner:/ I am sorry I haven't answered you:(
      Lol, yeah you make me feel like i don't have even tasted the bad side of school yet, because it seems like you have schoolwork 24/7 :p
      Dusty DS :O
      Well I didn't do that much, Mostly sunbathing and usual bathing;) A little shopping too, but as you are know well, I don't really like to go shopping:)
    7. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      School takes up a lot of my time too. It's terrible. :P
      It sounds like you'll have a great Friday.
    8. Endless
      Meh, only the Liberty yicket in Japan:/
      I am actually in Qatar right now, how about you?
    9. Endless
      We can only hope for the best:p
      Lol, I am not really a fan of Alvin and the chipmunks tough:p
      Meh, as the games have been out for some time now, pretty much everything is leaked:/
      There is a new game soon released in Japan that learn Japanese kids how to read english, but I will probably not be released anywhere else:)
    10. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      Well yeah, its going to be fun.
      What about you?
    11. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      Well, the main thing that is going to happen for me this weekend is that I'm going to a party. :D
    12. Endless
      Well it is mainly because she is somewhat lame, she works with flowers and that is pretty much it:/
      Yeah it was, however your teacher didn't tink the same way, I just don't hope she clips away some of the best scenes when she is finished editing it:p
      That is ok, have a fun time at work;)
    13. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      The other pokemon I have are between lvl 50-70, though.
    14. Endless
      Good food is great, as long as you don't eat too much;p
      Yeah, however i don't like Erika:p
      Well we made a short animated movie with paper figures, my groups movie was about Justin Bieber getting shot XD
      So have you though of what pokemon you would have as a pet?
    15. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      Yeah, that would be awesome to have. My pokemon are at varying lvls, but my Salamence (not my shiny) is my highest being at lvl 96.
    16. Endless
      Well, they are cool, and that's about it, however it is funny to watch the seller talk about having nthing more to offer my pokemon^^
      Well yeah, sort of, it was good food but it was kinda boring aferwards:/
      OMGWTFBBQ!!!1 Yay for Erika:)
      Edit: I forgot to tell about the project, it is a film project and we have to make a short movie anout 4-7 minutes.
    17. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      I just have to get Groudon and Rayquaza on my SS, but I have been mainly training my pokemon.
    18. Endless
      Yeah I have bought a few Gorgeous Royal ribbons in Pearl but I'm nearly broke in Hg:/
      That is ok:)
      Well this weekend(or today) I have slept alot and I am going to some friends to eat dinner very soon^^" Tomorrow I have to work on la lame school project:/
    19. Endless
      Yeah, I mostly play Pt because of the high leveled pokemontrainers that makes it easy to train, it annoys me that the only place to train in HGSS are the league(and to some degree my. Silver):/
      Well you have gotten a day;) And the final answer is?
    20. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      What do you still have to do on HG?
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  • About

    Sep 12, 1992 (Age: 27)
    I'm a 17 year old girl and I'm a huge fan of tv-series! :)

    Movies, tv-series, music, friends.


    Vampire Diaries - How I Met Your Mother - Pretty Little Liars - Gossip Girl - 90210 - Glee

    True Blood - Grey's Anatomy - Desperate Housewives - The Big Bang Theory

    - Yes, I'm a fan of tv-series!

    Platinum fc: 2106 7266 2297
    Heartgold fc: 0475 0440 0441
    Black fc: 1678 5055 7967

    Wanna trade, battle or chat? Just vm/pm me!
    And oh, brooooownies and coookies :) <3
    Cred to Felly who did this amazing sig!