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Last Activity:
Feb 23, 2014
Jan 30, 2010
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Sep 12, 1992 (Age: 27)

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Barney Stinson!, 27, from Sweden

Larris was last seen:
Feb 23, 2014
    1. Endless
      Surely we do:p
      Well I might give up soon because i don't se any progress, and it makes it somewhat boring to play:/
      Well I think i would have an Umbreon, how about you?
    2. Endless
      Yeah it's awsome, I love golgen too^^
      Yeah Vulpix is also golden and oh, Rayquasa is just insane cool when black:p
      Well when I'm playing I'm SR'ing however I don't play much ATM.
    3. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      Well, get Black then. I'm still getting Pokemon White version. :P
    4. Endless
      Well the only shiny pokemon I really want badly is Ledian, I think it looks awsome when it is golden:p
      Is it any one you want?
      Well, yeah I am busy too so I don't play(and as I said I am really annoyed with SR'ing:(
    5. Endless
      Well it is that they are very upsett about this copyright thing so they have switched out all BW images with Ditto even in the headbanner:)
      Yeah sure we can trade;)
      Nah, not really, I tried SR'ing for Latios, but I never get to se it sparkle:/
      How about you?
    6. Endless
      Well it is pretty much that the fan sites that have gotten the letter can't post images of the game because then they will be suied by nintendo.
      Black: Monmen line(the cutton) Gocji line(emo's), Baruchai line(vultures) Torunerosu(pure flying) and Reshiram.
      White: Churine line (the Bellosom wannabe), Rankurezeru line(the blobs) Wargle line, Bortorosu(Ele/flying) and Zekrom
      That's from Serebii, but I have another picture with other exclusives, but I don't know if it is true: this one
    7. Endless
      They have done something too stupid to be discribed with words.
      Ok, I can wait:)
      Are you still getting Black?
    8. Endless
      It is really stupid and childish of nintendo>:( But I love what pokebeach did, or should I say pokerbeach:p
      Nah I haven't seen their stats yet so i only chose based on looks;) So what is your "cute and weak" team, but remember many pokemon is both strong and cute:p
    9. Endless
      Well, yeah, I always have to se it trought new fans eyes, like when some say Gears evo change to little, then look at Grimer and Voltorb and when pokemon look to humanoid, look at Machamp and Hitmonchan:p
      Yeah it doesn't work because a copyright issue with Nintendo:/
      My team, Daikenki: Water starter evo. Shinpra: the strange psychic "bird". Gigigear: Gear evo. Shibirudon: That elctric w/ Leviate sucker thing. Furiijio: Ice mirror. Sazando: The dark dragon pseudo. Maybe use this. Desukan: Thomb. Aakeosu: Bird fossil. Gigaiasu: The stone creature. Iwaparesu: the hermit crab.
    10. Endless
      Well so it isn't the worst but not the best either?
      Well I like this gen, I think I will go as far as to say that it is the second best, after gen 2(but i might be blinded by nostalgia) and i don't know how you can only like a few of them:/
      Any ideas of your team yet? I plan to use Daikenki, Shinpora, Gigigear, Shibirudon, Furiijio and Sazando. I might switch to Desukan, Aakeosu, Gigaiasu or Iwaparesu because I really like those aswell:p
    11. Cryptic Blaze
    12. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      2 reasons: 1. I like the look of the White Forest area and 2. I want to get Zekrom (I think thats the Black ones name)
    13. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      I'll probably decide when they finally come out here. I plan on getting White version when they do come out.
    14. Endless
      Not happy about this gen?
      Well I like this generation much more than 4th gen:p
      And yeah that it, 155 pokemon, it is the giggest generation so far.
    15. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      Well I'm going to use it on mine. I haven't really decided on a team in BW yet though. :P
    16. Cryptic Blaze
      Cryptic Blaze
      The Dark/Dragon type is Monozu and its evolutions. I think it will be awesome to have it on my team when BW comes out in America.
    17. Endless
      Ok, I'll wait:)
      Whoa you have ro do homework in the weekends?
    18. Endless
      Part 3
      Kumashun line: It is something about the bears physics I don't get, I just seem like it is drawn wrong:/
      Freezio: Awsome ice mirror, Glalie's new BF:)
      Chobomaki line:Kaburumo's rival, well these are just as cool
      Maggyo: Lame
      Kojofuu line: Generic lame fighting types
      Crimgan: It seems legendary to me but I don't know, looks extremely owerpowered for a one'stager:/
      Gobit line: Iron man'ghost:0 I like it's ghost type.
      Komatana line: Looks like pshycopaths that will kill you>:)
      Buffalon: Talked about
      Washibon line: Really American and I like it:)
      Vulchai line: Don't like it, ugly female vulture:(
      Kuitaran: What's that? I still like it :p
      Iront: Yay, cyborg ant:D
      Monose line: Epic pseudo legendary that I am so going to use:)
      Meraruda line: Cool fireflies:)
      Fighting Trio: I like'em but i don't get the fightning type:/
      Mascot Trio: The last one has a really big head:0
      Genie Trio: Looks very alike, but I don't care because we have a pure flying:D
      Kerudio: LAME...
      Meloetta: The new Gardevoir? I like it, still waiting for the step form:)
      Genosect: OMG! Another cyborb insect. with a cannon! :D

      I really like this gen and here are my top ten in no order:Daikenki, Dangoro, Basurao, Shinporah, Deathkan, Gigigearl, Shibirudon, Freezio, Sazando and Genosect.
    19. Endless
      Part 2

      Marakacchi: Grass Bunary? I don't like it that much
      Ishizumai line: I like them, I like the way that they gave the evo different layars of dirt:p
      (The names here are from Pokebeach, I have to copy can't type every nameso they might vary from the Serebii names)
      Zuruggu line: HATE IT! HATE IT! HATE IT!
      Shinporah: Strange, but the good way, I think it is creative and looks really cool;)
      Deathmas line: Still creepy and awsome:p
      Purotoga line: Cool I always like the fossils:)
      Achen line: Just as awsome as Aetodactyl;)
      Yabukuron line: Ugly and awfull >:(
      Zorua line: Talked about
      Chillarmy line: Strange evo, it had so much potensial!
      Gothemme line: All the emo girls are...emo and I don't like that:/
      Uniran line: Cool the cell line is awsome looking;)
      Koaruhii line: The ugly duckling? Well it is ok, but I still don't like Swana's head:/
      Vanipucchi line: ICECREAM! How can someone not like icecream:)
      Shikijika line: Talked about
      Emonga: Talked about
      Kaburumo line: Knight beetle, well I like it:p
      Tamagetake line: HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT !!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!
      Pururiru line: I like the different forms and they look cool:)
      Mamanboh: Talked about
      Batula line: Talked about
      Desseed line: Spikeball/Mine anyway it is awsome, the new Selfdestructer maybe?
      Gear line: EPIC evos, I still wonder how big they are thought, but i love them anyways:D
      Shibishirasu line: I am so going with this fish sucker on my team:)
      Rigray line: lolwut? Don't really like those aliens:/
      Hitomoshi line: Finally a will-o-wisp like pokemon, really cool, looks alittle like Drifblim but whatever
      Kibago line: Talked about
    20. Endless
      Well here I go not sure if i manage to take all of them today:
      Victini: Allready talked about
      Tsutaja and evos: Talked about
      Pokabu and evos. Talked about
      Mijumaru and evos: Talked about
      Minezumi and evo: Talked about
      Yooterri and evos: I do like those, not so stereotypical normal types, love the mustaches:)
      Choroneko and evo: Ok I guess, a little generic:/
      All monkeys: LAME, I had hope for the water but, meh:(
      Munna and evo: Talked about
      Mamepato: A lttle lame the male form of the final evo is a little gay and the female is generic:/
      Shimama and evo: I like it, badass and big horse, like the details on the stripes and the maine:p
      (Going with -line instead of -and evos from her on)
      Dangoro line: Talked about
      Koromori line: Strange, bad way, I still can't stande the nose>:(
      Moguryuu line: Don't remember if we talked about them but i like them:p
      Tabunne: Talked about
      Dokkora line: Angry clowns with items WTF!? Ihate them(farfech'd's stick was ok but this takes the cake)
      Otamaru: Reminds me of bomberman, they look funny:p
      Fighting bros: Ok, had liked them bether without clothes(i am against pokemon wearing clothes)
      Kurumiru line: I like them, creative:)
      Futsude line: I like this one too
      Monmon line: A little too strange :/
      Churine line: Wannabe Bellosom! >:(
      Basurao: Talked about but still awsome:p
      Meguruko line: Badass Crocodile, nuff said;p
      Darumakka lin; Talked about
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  • About

    Sep 12, 1992 (Age: 27)
    I'm a 17 year old girl and I'm a huge fan of tv-series! :)

    Movies, tv-series, music, friends.


    Vampire Diaries - How I Met Your Mother - Pretty Little Liars - Gossip Girl - 90210 - Glee

    True Blood - Grey's Anatomy - Desperate Housewives - The Big Bang Theory

    - Yes, I'm a fan of tv-series!

    Platinum fc: 2106 7266 2297
    Heartgold fc: 0475 0440 0441
    Black fc: 1678 5055 7967

    Wanna trade, battle or chat? Just vm/pm me!
    And oh, brooooownies and coookies :) <3
    Cred to Felly who did this amazing sig!