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  • I have been playing White for a while now myself. I even got a position in one of my groups to be a gym leader in their league here, so that has kept me somewhat busy even though I haven't had very many challengers.
    Other than that I've just been hanging out with my friends and chillin' too.
    No, ti's terrifying :(
    heh, it's quite a long time to you get there, it is one of the three post-story towns :)
    I wasn't really paying attention to the Dome, I just tryied out all the games and never revisited :)
    Yeah, Sootopolis is an town in Hoenn, it is build inside a dead sea volcano :D
    SOunds quite random :) And Swablu is just a little cute, I though most girls found it very cute :0
    Well Boldore is reallt annoying if you decide to battle it, because it have Sturdy and can never be on hitted :/
    I got really annoyed by Bide in 4th gen, however i haven't noticed it that much in 5th. However, my Kricketune killed Gardenias Roserade in Pearl with Bide, when it must have been atleast 5 levels lower than it :)
    You MUST go to Undella in the Summer the first time, if not it would be ruined :O
    Goldenrod huh? Well I have never been such a big fan of the big cities, but all in all, my all-time favorite must be ether Ecruteak or Sootopolis :)
    Well I was kinda bored of the Zekrom avatar and I just somehow looked though the National Dex and thought "Hey, Natu is a cool little guy, i should have him as my avatar." And that's it :)
    Why do you have your avatar?
    Yeah I know, I like posting :)
    I'm ok with fish, but I felt like not doing any fish this time :) (but I don't really get how they move on land)
    That croc is the most annoying pokemon in the game, or atleast tied with Boldore :mad:
    I can get insane of that pixel music if I listen to it for too long, I believe. However it is ok in small amounts. And of course there is times when I don't feel like having on the sound because it might annoy others :)
    Yeah, I feel that Castelia is beatiful on the outside, but hollow on the inside.
    My favorite city? Only in BW or in all games? In BW it must be Undella, however I don't like it that much in the winter :/
    What's yours?
    Why don't you like them? The reason I didn't chose any of them was because I didn't want to use any fish pokemon this time around :)
    I actually like the bug pokemon quite well. I think it is my 6th favourite type. I heard that it can do pretty well in-game. If you cobine Flame Charge and some random electric attack. Motor Drive is an abillity that when the user is hit by an electric attack, its speed raise. So then we have atleast one bug you like a little, byt that's not strange, Dwebble is adorable :) Well when you see that stupid croc every five seconds when you look for other pokemon, you get annoyed pretty fast. Yeah, it is ok, I really don't pay to much attention to the music, but I noticed that the busic in Eterna city in DPPt is really annoying :/
    Yeah, I sure do :)
    It is a thin gazelle with curves and pink parts, beside it wears high shoes. That is kinda flamboyant in my book.
    That is a great idea. Hopefully it will do better than the last pokemon you couldn't trafe, PCP.
    Well I was amazed by the city at once. However after i had gone through it it became like a shell of what it could have been. Only a few people on the streets talk to you and all the buildings look the same. However I like the piers :)
    It's been good. I have had a good summer so far (even though we have had a lot of storms lately...and power outages). It is good to be out of school though.

    How about you?
    Well If we look at the water pokes native to Sinnoh, we onlu got Mantine, Gyarados, Quagasire, Seaking, Milotic and one more that I didn't mention in my last reply. The only one that are cool enough for me out of those is Quagasire, but I feel like giving Buizel a try, after all I don't have anything against him :)
    You don't like spiders? Yeah I can see how Eelectross is not your kind of pokemon :q Zebstrika is actually quite good and I heard it helps alot in the 4th gym if it got Motor Drive. Believe me, Scrafty is awsome. Well Dwebble is really cute, and i think Crustle is kinda cute, but it should smile some more :) Oh, so your going for a Golurk? I don't like it because it annoyed me to no end when I tried to find cool pokemon in the Dessert. And afterwards it would come and haunt me together with its evo in every freakin' battle I had with Team Plasma. And Krookodiles nose look like a dick.
    You welcome :)
    For me it is the opposite. Genesect is very interesting, while the other are sort of bland, espescially Meloetta :/
    I find Virizion a little flamboyant :(
    Yeah, it would be awsome, but I'm still not sure what kind of pokemon it should have been? Maybe something like a shiny starter?
    Oh that's good to hear :) I just though of using floatzel because I have used Empoleon far to many times, and I have tried shellos earlier to. I absolutely hate Tentacool and FInneos isn't really my type of pokemon. My Drifloon goes by Gust and Payback as it is only lv 23. I am not sure if I plan to let it learn Draco Meteor, maybe I'll just stick to Outrage and Dragon Rush as dragon moves :) Well Bronzong have two weaknesses, but each of them can be taken out with each of its abbilities :)
    Yeah, I can see the problem there, luckely I could most of the names before I played :p
    That's strange that they don't have the guide, I believe it is released :/
    I believe that since you have Black, the best grass pokemon is Whimsicott or Simisage, both are catchable early. Ferrothorn is a beast in competitive, but I'm not sure if it is good in-game. Out of the electric pokemon, I believe Zebstrika, Galvantula or Eelectrik is the best. Fightning got many options, however I would have used, your starter(Emboar), Scrafty or one of the Musketeers. Rock is, well Archeops, or Crustle(because it is cute :3) Ground is really limited this gen, however I think I would have used Golurk(however late you get it) or else your stuck with Krookodile(whom I dispise)
    Yeah, Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect aren't released yet, just like Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus wasn't released before in Pt.
    Actually, the only one of the trio I like, is Cobalion. The others are borderline.
    Yeah, but I'm not sure what it could be, because you already have all the pokes, and then you don't need another pokemon or Masterball :/
    Well my plan was to have a team of Torterra, Floatzel, Drifblim, Probopass, Garchomp and Bronzong. however I'm already thinking of ditching Bronzor and take with me a Bidoof , I might evolve it to a Bibarel if I'm in the mood :)
    Do you have any plans for your future team on Black?
    or by largest I mean amount of new pokemon. Like we have 156(153 released) new ones, and the second largest is Gen I with 151.
    Yeah I notice it because Bidoof is actually the prevo. Yeah I was quite confused when you talked about Rufflet, who is a White-only pokemon ;)
    Well I think you can catch the first Musketeer after Gym 5 or 6 and then you can catch the remaining two in the order you like. Then you can go back to Pinwheel and catch Virizion, but Terrakion isn't obtaiable before Victory Road.
    I haven't used any of them myself but i heard that Terrakion is pretty good :) I find their designs pretty bad for legendaries, or not bad but the two other trios look way cooler.
    Hmm, actually I haven't completed the dex since Peatl, I am thinking of doing it again on White but it take so long :0
    Yeah :)
    Yeah, I might not get my dreamteam on Pt because I need a stupid HM slave. :(
    I find many of the bad *** pokemon to look really mean(but not ugly, the ones i find ugly are not bad ***, they are plain ugly) :)
    Only 5? That's few for being the largest region ever :0
    Is there any problem with Buizel? Yeah, I have to level up, but it takes sooo long :/
    You got Black? I though you had White :/ Well that explains the color problem with the Basculin :)
    Well I found Hg's story to be good, however the post-story was rather bad and boring :/
    I like the storyline too, but for me, it's the pokemon themself that are most important
    Yeah, it was a while ago. I found the dates right now: Raikou - 7th to 13th February 2011, Entei - 14th to 29th February 2011 and Suicune - 21st to 27th February 2011.
    Don't get me started on HM slaves, that's the only reason I liked Bidoof, because he could learn four important(useless) HM's :/
    You don't like the mean looking pokemon? Ouch, than it's many fully evolved pokemon you don't like :p
    My team is Grotle lv 27, Drifloon lv 23, Buizel lv 23, Nosepass lv 13. I am not sure if I am going to keep a Bronzor on my team or not, because it kind of suck. The rest of the team are just trash. The damn Skunktank is lv 23 but still takes me down. I was actually just going to use pokemon I haven't used before :)
    Hmm, that's a hard nut. I must say that it stands between Emerald and Platinium, but i go for Platinium because the Distortion World is awsome :)
    What's yours?
    It was quite some time ago. It was before BW was released outside of Japan. They all ahd on week. Like first one week were you could download Entei, the one week with Raikou and the Suicune.
    I can't remember ever saying that, However I don't like Zoroark, it looks terrible. I have the same reason for not liking Foongus, not fan of the pokeball theme :(
    Well you don't need them, but they are need to get some extra items here and there, to take some shortcuts and to get to where some rare pokemon are. However they are not needed to do only the storyline. Which is kinda cool because I don't need an HM slave :D
    Oh, that's confusing, because the blue on is the one who are the common while the red one are the rarer. Maybe both can be found on fishing spots but only the blue one can be found in usual water:S
    Why don't you like him, he's so cool and angry :D
    I don't play White at the moment, I gave Platinium a shot, but I am stuck after second gym ^^" Jupiter got this badass skuntank that my whole team can't take down :mad:
    Well you could download on of each beast to every 4th gen game you have. So since I have P, Pt and HG I got three of each :D
    I don't like Zoroark at all actually, it is one of the two lines from 5th gen I dislike (the other being the Foongus line)
    It must be because my Samurott learned those moves by TM and HM so they still are there. However I didn't know that you didn't need badges to use them. Must be because HM's aren'y needed to complete the game. (The only one is Cut, and that is really early).
    I won't say that Basculin is that rare as you can find it in nearly any water. But did it have blue or red stripes. Because you can only get the one with red stripes in the "fishing spots" :)
    But it is not a problem that he is common, he is still a cool dude :)
    Yeah, I thought you would like it :)
    So how far have you gotten in the game now?
    Yeah, that is extremely hand, espescially if you have to trade many pokemon(like say 20 or so), then you don't have to go out and switch your party all the time(bad flashback from when I traded most of my pokemon on Platinium to HG):S
    Well actually I showed that suicune because it's shiny and a "crown beast", which means it can unlock a Zoroark in-game. I got three of each Crown beast so you could have one :)
    But I can't trade anymore right now
    i think you can trade from boxes right from the start ;)
    Yeah, but I don't think it can learn fly before it evolves, and that's at level 37.
    Yeah I lobe Ice Beam too, it's probably my favorite ice move, and pretty high up on my favorite moves from any type : )
    Yeah he does :)
    Yeah, I'm quite happy with it, i have no major weaknesses on my team : ) (I think)
    Well Golett is catchable in a tower beside the 7th gym, so that's pretty late. However the dessert is between the 3rd and 4th gym, and you can actually go there before you take on the 3rd gym.
    Cryogonal is ok, I guess. He has this insane special defence, but as fast as a physical attack comes his way he's done. His movepool is also lacking. Ice beam is what you have to use(or Aurora Beam, I think he learns Ice Beam quite late).
    Scrafty. Well I didn't like it in the start because I didn't know what he is supposed to be. And I don't like pokeon with clothing. However I soon found out that the pants and hoodie was the molten skin from Scraggy. His typing is also awsome and he does incredible great in-game. However I'm not sure why he have became such a favorite, but I think it have something to do with the attiduteI imagine him having :)
    i dumped him because he wasn't on my team plan. But he stuck with me the whole way to the league and I did actually forget that I wanted a Hydreigon, until I found me Deino rottening in the pc.
    However my team plan did nearly go as it was planned :) Hydreigon ended up on my team in the end. The only difference is that I was supposed to have a Dwebble on my team, but I couldn't find him, and Sandile kept showing up to piss me off, then I found Scraggy instead and decided to use it instead.
    Actually strange that I had problems with Dwebble 10% rate. And I found Cryogonal as the fourth pokemon I met in Twist Mountain when he has an rate of 1% :S
    Oh, I remember going about half an year with WPA security before I decided to try to change it. Then I foun out that it only took about 5 minutes to do it >_<
    Well basicly, the c-gear is to interact with people in the same room as you, and to use the DreamWorld. Yeah I know :)
    Rufflet is a great pokemon, but I'm a little negative because you can't catch it before victory road, and that's prettty late. I'm not sure if you plan to keep pidove, but then you can learn it Fly because it's movepool suck so hard that you won't notice anyway. I would go for Archeops (if you chose the Plume Fossil in the dessert), or I would chose Golruk because a flying statue is awsome. Ever seen this?
    That, that's just strange >.<
    Well my in-game team is like this:
    Samurott - lv79: Yeah, you know that I like the line : )
    Eelectross - lv73: I just had to test out a pokemon without weaknesses, however it's speed suck :/
    Cryogonal - lv77: Just another of these strange pokemon that I find awsome
    Scrafty - lv77: I hated this pokemon when BW first came out, but I later changed my mind and now it's one of my favorite pokemon ever.
    Sigilyph - lv75: My flyer, with a great primary typing and one of the most creative designs, I would have told you to use it as a flyer, but I like to keep it for myself ;)
    Hydreigon - lv70: Only added to the party after first E4 round, but he is doing great :D
    *Simisear - lv39: I just have to mention this awsome guy who was with me until the post-game.
    However I still need your friend code if we're gonna trade ;)
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