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  • I'm quite dissappointed with the c-gear myself. I's only to sync with DreamWorld, some wireless stuff-Entralink, and some infrared trading IIRC The poketch was truly useful:)
    Anything more you want? I will give you an Oshawott egg and a suprise egg(it's a pokemon we talked pretty much about a long time ago).
    Yeah, I hope so too, but I don't see any light in the end of the tunnel right now :/
    I think it was today(or atleast everyone I know celebreted today), I am not completely sure :S
    However, what's your team at the moment? :)
    Just give me a minute. My fc is 3482 1922 6753. It is some new shanges, you have to select three pokemon for the trade, but you only need to trade one. Also you can trade from your boxes.
    Yeah, I hope it don't last too long :S
    I'm so envious :0 Argh, luckily I have a smal stock at home so I'm gonna eat some now >:)
    We was supoosed to go to Florida as my grandmothers sister(or something like that) lives there, but it seems it's not gonna be for next year, or maybe never as they have gotten quite old :/
    Yeah, some friends of the family is throwing a small party so I have to leave quite soon.
    That's ok, I don't need anything special, but I will give them in egg form so you have to hatch them yourself if that's ok? So just send me a vm anytime we're both online ; )
    I think we got few water pokemon since we had so many earlier. However we got really many dark and ghost types compared to earlier gens :D
    Oh thank you!
    Actually all of her friends is loser friends. My little sister and her friends are fourteen years old. I'm not sure if you guys use the term "Fjortis" in Sweden, but if you do. Then you get the problem @.@ This might sound a little mean but I really don't like girls at that age.
    I have actually no idea why we don't have candy shops here, it's realllllly stupid. We Norwegians survive by traveling to Sweden occasionally to by some candy :p
    Yeah, last summer we had planned a family tour to the US, but it never happened as it always got postponed :S
    Yeah, summer 24/7 would be awsome. Yhe winter is pretty to look at, but a pain to actually live in :p
    Yeah, it is unfair :(
    Well I think you can trade with others after the first gym but I'm not sure. However I'll be happy to trade you one as I got all the starters myself. I was actually quite disappointed with the lack of water pokes myself, but I like the few we got. The Oshawott line is pure awsomeness. Frillish and Jellicent is also cool, you know how I like the little akward pokemon ^^" Basculin is this awsome little though guy and Tympole is cool. However Tympole becaumes less cool with each evolution.
    I'm happy for your mom :) However I can see how it is a little strange to have a new person in your home all the time. Espescially if you don't know him that well, and after all, you should be confortable with your own home.
    My plans? Hmm, actually not that much, my mom is wondered if we wanted to travel to another country(That is, outside of Scandinavia). But it don't seem like it's gonna be anything coz she is not that confortable talking English and I am not going if my little sister is bringing one of her loser friends. My dad would probably not come as he have been a little negative to long travels over the years. So it would probably just be hanging with friends( like going on boat trips, playing poker, go swimming and just be plain social). And maybe a trip to Sweden, I can't get why we don't have candy shops in Norway.
    Do you have any plans? :)
    Yeah, actually, the clima here North is the only thing that makes me dislike the place I live. :/
    Yeah, I'm getting paid. Hovewer, maybe not as much as I expected because i did it instead of school and not on my spare time. Like that makes any sense @_@
    Yeah. Vacation is the best :)
    I'm not sure why I don't play much actually, I even restarted my Platinium, but I still don't have gotten the spark to play :S
    Tell me when you have it, then we can take a battle ;)
    Anyway, how is the wedding going?
    But now it's kinda hot again, kinda. If you discount the rain and the clouds and the wind -.-
    Oh nice to hear :D I'm happy for you ;)
    Well I haven't done much lately. Hanging out with friends is always pleasant. However I did have "vacation" from school a week ago. You see if you get your parents(or anybody above 18) to say that you can work for them. You get free to do it. SO most students get their parents to sign so they can be home relaxing. However I didn't know that I actually had to work. So I have been working around with a string trimmer for three days.
    Anyway, enough of my lazy complaining ^^"
    Yeah, that's probably the ting I love the most about vacation. To sleep as long as you want. I love the feeling when I wake up at 11 o'clock, then go back to sleep for about an hour or two #goodlife
    Yes and no. I'm quite active here at the forums, however I don't play the games themselfes much. Your still not very active, or are you? :)
    I seriously have no idea :S i was really hot, like t-skirt hot and now it is suddenly cold again :0
    So you are busy at the time, What's going on? :)
    Well the trip was good, we had a fun time together, however it didn't get as emotional as I expected. But the huge problem is... that we had to wake up insanlt early. Like two of the six days, we had to eat breakfast 5 o'clock!
    Yeah, Springs on the way. I really like that all the snow is disappearing :D
    Yeah, I have it :)
    Such a great game, the story is much better than in the old games. The new pokemon quickly grow on you and the moving sprites make it all much more appealing to the eye. you should buy it if you haven't ;)
    Yeah, but I am having a break now. I am going on a schooltrip to Poland to see some Consentration Camps.
    Yeah, I do not like the slippery ground, there is this downhill where I am jogging that is uber scary where it is uber scary to run fast now :/
    Yeah, schools taking up alot of my time too, is't sad :(
    I am going to preorder it so I will get it on release date :p
    Actually I am quite active, think I am online every day(or nearly, but whatever ;0) I haven't seen much of you?
    Yeah, I like the names alot, there is also a list of all the English names floating around the internet, but for now, they are like 75-80%(ot more) chance they are real, so I am sticking to them.
    Well IIRC the crown beasts will be released wi-fi 7th Feb. or so ;)
    Well it is warmer here too now, actually been on the positive side of the zero.
    How was it a surprise we ate Christmas ribs? About 60% of all Norwegian eats that on Christmas Eve.
    Sounds like you had a great Christmas :)
    Well, what's up with me you say? Meh, not much, school takes alot of the time :/
    How about you?

    Just in case you do not know: Black and White will be released 4th Mars.
    Well I have sort of a splitted opinion:
    Snivy: Probably the lamest of them, but then again it could have been worse(yhank god it was not named Smugleaf)
    Tepig: I find it quite funny, like all noobs calling out; OMG ITZ TEH PIG!!1! :0
    Oshawott: I really like the name, don't know why:)
    Meh, it was a new Japanese Pikachu and a lame egg, nothing for people with European/US games :/
    Yeah, I do not get that old "chritmas feeling" either. However I got fancy gloves :p And some clothes and other stuff, so no shopping for me :D
    It is actually not that cold here anymore, like it is only -7 to -14 degrees now, not like the killing -20 it was earlier. However I still do not find it good being outside.
    We start the evening just talking for some time. Then we eat, Christmas ribs, which is delicous, and have some turkey :q Then we have a break again before dessert, this year we ate rice pudding with sauce and "iskake"(have no idea what it is in English ^_^") Then we open the gifts on turn so everybody can see what the other gets, but that only last for a little time sonce some are still quite inpatient about opening the gifts. After that the other people leav and Christmas eve is somewhat over. How about you?
    Well, whenever I do finish it (if I can actually stay with one idea for the story and quit procrastinating) I'll publish it here. By the way, what story are you talking abo...oh yeah. I completely forgot about that. :p
    Well, lately not much have happened. However it is two things that might be interesting:
    > Tsutarja, Pokabu, Mijumaru and Isshu's English name-Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott and Unova.
    > A new movie is revealed: Victini and the dark hero(It is widely speculated that it is Kieldo.
    Well I do not have much on my list this year, but the things that are important is a new duvet, the old one is kinda short. And a new pair of gloves. I sadly lost my old ones, and the ones I have now is not that cool. Also just to add some more is Assasin's Creed: Brotherhood, and of course the typical "money and clothes":)
    How about you?
    Belive me, I hate the cold. The snow is not "that" bad, but the problems like it melting, going throught 1meter snow and of the usual shoveling. I do not like skiing either. So we can agree that the cold in really bad:) Luckely our buses is not usual late, however I feallt envies the scools in other countries were they close. Our school have never been closed by that:/
    Well today's 14th right? So last scool day is Friday 17th.
    Yay, for once i finish school before you;p
    Not yet, but it is getting there. I'm just about finished with it. I just have to finish the last few parts and edit it and then I'm done.
    Long time no see. I though you had left this place:/
    Yeah, I can't wait for x-mas either :)
    Well I have not been up to much...
    The weather, huh? Well it is winter and of course it is snowing. That is not good. I really do not like snow and I hate the cold :mad:
    I do not remember the date but it is after Friday next week. How about you?
    I am glad you enjoyed Halloween:)
    Well yeah, i is a little annoying, but before we made a one rule for our matches(sleep clause if you wonder) one of my friend totally spammed my team with Darkrai w/Dark Void :/
    Meh I had Autumn break when I was in Qatar, and I don't have any vacation until the X-mas/ New Year vacation:/ However we do have a loong weekend now :D
    So what are you doing in your vacation, except homework?
    I doubt it will be a masterpeice. This is my first time writing a fanfic and there are going to be mistakes I will have to learn from. That is the way life works, but I can always go for the best I can do.
    Nothing much really. It has been mostly school and other stuff, but I have (finally) started work on my little side project I told you about. I just need to finish it, check it over, and it will be done!
    Oh, as long as there is no blue egg, I sounds fun:)
    Yeah, I am sorry for you :p Well I hope you enjoyed Halloween anyway:)
    Not, much, I ev trained my Skarmory and leveled it up to the 40's, I love it, as my friends completly hate it's Stealth Rock/Spikes combo, and it is even more funny if I get the chance to use whirlwind:D
    BTW: How is the wedding things going?
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