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  • Oh that's okay! So what's up? I'm so glad school is out, but at the same time I miss it. Lol. What's happened since we last talked?
    I don't coome on here that often either, but I've been visiting my page here because I've been having little conversations here and there. Also, I've been good, I've improved alot in my art. What about you?
    it seems like everyone likes football, soccer, or basketball. what about baseball, volleyball, dance? i like those. and soccer. :)
    i should know spanish seeing im Argentine. (sp?). but i don't, im too stupid. haha thats cool that you know spanish, what sport you like?
    haha my brother took spanish. he L-O-V-E it like omg.. my mom use to argue with the spanish teacher when she was in school. it was funny. my family thinks something is wrong with me since im so hyper. :))))))))))))))))))) ahhhahaqhaekdjfkasjrekd ok im done.
    haha i can see you're so energetic. Uh, i have to go to school tomorrow.
    im good, lol i call ppl man *****, but im just joking, and it's towards my friends when they call me a ****.
    haha its ok about your time, i do the same thing. :)
    That might be because i have recently became hooked on Sims 3...again. :)
    MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS! AND HAPPY NEW YEARS! so how was ur Christmas *if you celebrate it* and new years? what you get *if you got anything*
    I LOVE peoples logic, since i come from Vegas, and i cuss, that means im a $lut and not a virgin. got told that on the bus today.
    so hiiiii
    whats up? haven't talked to you in like FOREVER. *tackle hug*
    Hi,thanks I'm good.How about U?
    Not really 13 is one of my friends favorite and lucky number.^_^;
    Well thing is people who say things you are friends with come up on your activity feed. Like if one my friends said something on another thread I can see what he said.
    Can't wait for.....
    Can't wait for.....
    Can't wait for.....
    Can't wait for spring time
    Gonna turn into a butterfly
    I'll spread my wings and ......
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