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  • Awesome, I'm sure you'll be a welcome addition! Remember though that Serebii has a rule that a person can only be in one clan. Which makes me even more grateful, so here's a thank you present *presses button*
    Oh, you're looking to learn how to RNG? That would be perfect, actually xD Our academy's breeding program offers an RNG class. I know at least one of our breeders can RNG. If you'd like to join, the link is in my sig, just click the bar with Volcarona on it.
    I don't think that would matter too much. If nothing else, I'm sure someone could loan you a flawless Ditto and the Power items, but I can't see IV-breeding to be a problem. We're still fairly new, having just been born out of a former clan splitting.

    And good luck with your shop ^_^
    Well, pretty much anything. One of my co-leaders has taken it on himself to run an "arsenal" of sorts for the War Team members that use WiFi. They basically breed requested Pokemon for the War Team members, and get rewarded. If that's not really your style, we have a place to open up shops of your own. And we have a class for running a Breeding Shop, too, since we expect a lot of people to want to start a shop of their own.
    On a forum like this, it's hard not to fit in. I'd be a little less worried, but if you're too nervous, I'd suggest finding a topic where you feel comfortable discussing, like a Pokemon you like *coughScraggycough*. And you could also look into joining a clan. I personally rarely post outside of my clan, unless I'm greeting new members. It's a good way to make a lot of friends. A lot of clans are battle-heavy, but every single one I've seen has had roles for non-battlers like breeding, art, etc.
    mark, 29235, route one(yes that is possible and route one is where you get larvestra)i dont matter bout ivs. like i dont pay attention.caught in pokeball,male.

    bashful nature , somewhat a clown

    hp86 att 62 def 61 spatk36 spdef57 spd 47


    payback,chip away hi jump kick scary face
    Ho-kay, if you say so *presses button*

    Glad to hear you're settling in, though. I know how it is to adjust to joining a forum xD It's been a few years, but I remember it like it was yesterday.
    Well, I'm taking it you're recovering well after dying from too much cute? I can always press the "Scraggy Shower" button again :B

    Anyway, welcome again to Serebii.
    And you are awesome, for thinking I'm awesome, when I'm thinking your awesome. Awesomely. Yes. I usually just go by Pory, you?:p
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