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  • it happens take your time and get your computer fixed ;) no rush the art section is pretty much dead as it is anyway :p
    yep I would love to have you dahrue :3 just message me all you plan on doing and I will add you as a worker ^_^ let me clear out my vms for you to send all your samples ;) also your pms are full :p
    Hm. Well you can give it back to me some other time if you want, or just remove strength if you have the time. Sorry for the trouble!
    Your shop was one of the good ones though compared to someother shops besides sworn,me and astral that had alot of request posts, it actually was a steady shop. I don't know but I enjoyed your banners seriously :)
    Hey I don't think my message got through. I'll be happy to trade now, so can you give me your FC?
    It's alright and I understand and nah don't say that you had a good shop man :) if you have more time you can join my shop if you like :)
    Yeah I never ever talked to sworn after a old problem back in the old artist corner seemed like he never got over our small problem :/ I do regret that stupid childish fight in the first place but what done is done which yeah will miss astral :( I found out about sworn and astral by the posts in there threads...
    Yep sworn closed down because his graphics design career and astral got tired of making banners which he felt like it was a chore.
    Thanks and yeah I am which I opened my art shop back up too which is the only one there now btw :/ all the others closed down...I am just not available atm though because of laptop issues so sweet may is doing requests atm
    Well I see tbh I am in the middle of shiny hunting which I don't think I have your wfc code and my thing is full because of y friend safari if I had another 3ds I would just use that and use my y version O_O Iwouldn't mind helping though if I was in the middle of sring...
    Yes sweetie I do remember you. ;) on my cell still which my laptop is busted still but what's up? about to log off soon...
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