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Recent content by Lathspell

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    My LeafGreen Team

    Electrode is rather weak. Ok, he's super weak. He's the fastest thing after Ninjask, but can't do anything with that speed. Sadly, this would be the best set you can get. Electrode - Thunderbolt - HP Ice/Grass/Double Team - Thunder Wave - Explosion As I said before, I never suggest the use of...
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    My Team....

    char limit, don't u hate it?
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    Emerald 2 Pokemon Each Team

    Well, there you go. I don't like suggesting natures, because like me, most people don't really look forward to rebreeding for a better nature, after they reach lvl 50 or something...But your could use an improvement...badly.
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    blastoise is dying

    I like Mirror Coat better on Blastoise than Counter. Blastoise has only two weaks, grass and electric, both on the special side. And has the defenses and HP to take those hits and Mirror Coat them back for a KO. Counter works too, but it's more likely that you will be hit by a special attack. I...
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    Which Starter

    lol at the fact that you asked us for the best starter in your team, almost everyone said Blaziken, but you still went with Sceptile. Sceptile is kind of useless on your team, as Ludicolo does mostly the same thing. You need a fire type. If you won't take advices, why ask?
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    Which Starter

    Although Blaziken is the worst starter of the three, you could use him on your team much more than the other two. You have a water/grass type, a ground type (dragon too, unimportant) a Salamence (this thing makes it's own type lol) and a Psychic, with an Electric attack. Try not to keep two...
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    Rate my team (FR)

    Dude, your team sucks big time. You kinda broke every rule in the book when you built it. And yeah, number rating is not legal here, so if you don't want to change your lol team, you might just as well erase your post.
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    Filling out the Roster <Shedinja / Sableye>

    Actually, that set is quite usable on Blissey. You just choose Serene Grace instead of Natural Cure. Thunderbolt paralizes, Psychic lowers sp.Def and Water Pulse confuses. It's a good set, and I saw many players use it. But...Blissey is meant to be a special sponge. That doesn't mean it can't be...
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    Psychic with Thunder

    Not really, it's right after the Water Gym if I'm not mistaken. But you need cut, and that's after the Electric Gym. Still, pretty early.
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    Psychic with Thunder

    Actually, Mr.Mime is a great choice. Nice speed and sp.atk, and it can learn Thunderbolt, Psychic, Calm Mind and an extra move that coulb be Baton Pass, so you can pass some CMs.
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    Psychic with Thunder

    No, Jynx can't learn any Electric attacks. If you don't want Alakazam, you will have to do with Hypno. He can learn Thunderpunch. And from the first generation, that's about it.
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    Scizor or Steelix?

    Go for Steelix, because you don't have any kind of tank on your team, and Scizor isn't that good anyway. Steelix @ Leftovers Sturdy/Rock Head - Earthquake - Rock Slide/Double-Edge - Rest/Explosion/Toxic/Double-Edge - Roar Since this is probably ingame, you can lose Roar and put one of...
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    Ru/Sa/Em Mono Type Team Challenge

    Well, time for an update on the game. Found Steven and left for Slateport and from there, on to Mauville. The rival was really easy, as Kaspersky was a bit overtrained, being the only poke on the team, not named Zigzagoon. The Electric Gym was a breeze, of course, Kaspersky (Mashtomp) couldn't...
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    My LeafGreen Team

    Try as a rule not to put more than one attacking move of the same type on a pokemon. The only exception being Quick Attack/Extreemespeed and Return, since QA and ES akways go first. Also, two turn attack moves like Fly, Dig, Hyper Beam, Blast Burn/Frenzy Plant/Hydro Cannon are not worth it, so...
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    Mono Ground Sapphire Team

    yeah, lol at pojo. Screechgon, eh? Hmm...ingame it would work great :D. Didn't thought of that. Not having acces to Emerald really kills me, I can't get Leftovers, CBs, Swords Dance, Rock Slide etc. I'll go with Screechgon in that case, thanks.