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Latias 24
Last Activity:
Aug 11, 2016
Oct 19, 2007
Likes Received:
Aug 24, 1994 (Age: 25)

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Latias 24

Alt.name : Latiwings, 25

Latias 24 was last seen:
Aug 11, 2016
    1. SamuraiDragon1
      Rakki forgot to put me in it -_-
    2. SamuraiDragon1
      'Bout the same. Good luck in the tourny.
    3. SamuraiDragon1
      Hey lati, what's up?
    4. ChloboShoka
      It hasn't been cancelled, don't worry, I forgot to edit the first post.
      We didn't get enough votes so votes are still open. ~
    5. shipwrecks
      that's really nice of you to say that
      makes me all happy inside :P

      i stopped playing shoddy
      (just because i ran into way to many paraflinch teams)
      i mean come on! a togekiss, jirachi, gyarados(with para), and registeel in one team???
      i literally met about 5 different people using those exact pokes in their team

      record so far was playing 10 people in a row having a variation (having 2-3 of the before mentioned pokes) of a paraflinch team

      back on topic: but if you ever want to battle give me a shout here and we'll arrange something
    6. shipwrecks
      technically i lost because of a misclick

      but if i used lava plume like a i wanted to for the last move i would of won
    7. shipwrecks
      yup that would be me, it happened about 2 days ago

      haha that was my 2nd battle on shoddy and 4th battle since christmas.
      Thanks for the post and finding me, makes me smile to recall that battle
    8. Kairo
      well i need the snake for the lower XII
    9. Kairo
      hey im new to the zodiac and was tested
      im told you are the person to talk to about the image codes
    10. woliwo
      No problem.
      Thanks you too, I have posted that you have been tested.
      So now you only have to choice a free zodiac.
    11. woliwo
      smogon, I'm coming in a sec
    12. woliwo
      Hey Latias, I'm logged in on shoddy.
      Hoping to test you.
    13. woliwo
      Yes of course there are always a tomorrow ;)
    14. woliwo
      Sorry something came between so I didn't see that you chated with me on shoddy, can you login again and we'll make the test?
    15. woliwo
      I use smogon too and have the same username as on serebii.
      I'll online there now, so you can login too?
    16. charlie rulez
      charlie rulez
      hi lati can u make me a flygon banner?
    17. Lion Demon
      Lion Demon
      Can you make A Ram Nidoking banner PLEASE!!!! I beg of you!
    18. SamuraiDragon1
      You're wlecome.
    19. SamuraiDragon1
      The banner says finding for recruits. It should say looking for recriuts.

      Thats it. Otherwise I think you are maybe better than rakki at banner making.
    20. SamuraiDragon1
      Also it would be easier to talk in the chat.
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    Aug 24, 1994 (Age: 25)
    Favourite Pokémon: