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    * Two years ago- Gladion and Oscar start their journey in Alola, but at some point they were used in a secret experiment by Faba involving the Ultra Wormholes that left most of the trainers dead or injured. Gladion then steals Type: Null and goes off to become a stronger trainer to take down the Ultra Beasts
    * Two years ago (cont'd)- Todd, Nellie, & the rest of the group (minus Lillie) enroll in the Pokémon Trainer's School on Melemele Island
    * One year ago- Prof. Kukui sets up a pokémon league to decide on the member of the Elite Four
    * Beginning of this year- Prof. Kukui announces the upcoming Alola League and that trainers from all over the world are invited to take on the Island Challenge to decide Alola's first ever champion
    * Three months ago- Lillie escapes Aether Paradise and stays with Prof. Kukui, Hau catches a Pichu that he found eating all of his Malasadas
    * Present Day- The group tries to catch their own pokémon for the upcoming Ikki Town Festival, Todd meets Lillie, Nellie decides to properly catch her pet Chikorita, Hau receives a Froakie from Samson Oak
    The next day- Lillie is introduced to the class and they all meet the pokémon they managed to get for the Festival. Everyone also meets Nebby after it escapes from Lillie's bag and learn about how Todd met Tapu Koko the other day.

    I left out when Todd went to Johto and got Totodile since I wanted to leave that fact to you. I was also thinking that Todd could get his sparkling stone from Tapu Koko while Nellie's would be given to her from the URS after the Ikki Town Festival (mainly because Necrozma and the Ultra Beasts play a big role in her character development). (2/2)
    If you want a more expanded timeline, how about this:
    * Several years ago- Mohn is lost in Ultra Space and Lusamine starts focusing on finding her husband and stopping the Ultra Beasts
    * Three years ago- Oscar starts his journey in Johto and meets Nellie, who came from an Ultra Wormhole after Necrozma went berserk in Ultra Megalopolis and lost her memory. She was then adopted by Oscar's father and, after Oscar finishes the Silver Conference, they move to Hehea City on Akala Island. Nellie is given a shiny Chikorita from Prof. Elm as a pet/going-away-present before they left.
    . . . (1/2)
    Plus, I know that Lillie's been staying with Prof. Kukui for three months like she has in the games, but he didn't tell anyone until she felt comfortable about it partly because of how shy she is and partly because she wanted to keep Nebby's existence a secret
    Wel, so far I know that the story would start off with Todd, Nellie, Hau, Paige, Rico, & Sophocles arriving in class and Prof. Kukui telling them that the Ikki Town Festival was tomorrow night and that they'd start their Island Challenge trial immediately afterwards. Because of this, their assignment was to obtain 1-2 pokémon before the Festival by either catching or befriending them. He also mentions that they will be having a new student joining them in class shortly before the Festival starts. Everyone would then go off to get their pokémon, which could then lead to Todd receiving Rowlet & then meeting Lillie and Nebby on the bridge.

    The only other things I had planned is that the class knows about how Prof. Kukui's preparing for the Alola League and I mentioned in a pm about where Oscar and Gladion are prior to the start of the story.
    Hey, do you want to still want to send me Todd's team? I noticed that you never got the chance to because I focused too much on my ideas (sorry about that)

    Oh, & Happy Thanksgiving
    Just to let you know, one last-minute change I was thinking of making for Nellie's team is replacing Pyukumuku for a Basculin since I think it fits her hands-on fighting style a little better. Plus, I've always wanted to have a fish pokémon on my team since the last time I did that was with Tucker's Lanturn :p
    Since Pokémon Bank is now compatible with G/S & US/UM, when do you want to start Todd & Nellie ‘s story? Personally, I was thinking of starting Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving
    There's always pokécharms for trainer cards, but I think I'm still the only person who makes battle cards & trainer cards with Z-crystals
    It probably doesn't & I'm just overthinking, but I was just worried since it have a shiny Meganium, a Dusk form Lycanroc, and an Ultra Beast. Plus, I was worried you were thinking I was trying to keep all of the good pokémon for myself
    I’m going to have to wait until I see the official artwork before I decide whether or not I like it. I just hope my team doesn’t look too Mary Sue-ish now

    By the way, if you need any advice for Todd’s team, feel free to ask
    Yeah, it does, though I didn't want to mention it at first since I wasn't sure if you knew. I am planning on waiting until the post-game to evolve it though
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