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  • Sounds good,I figured you might stick with Decidueye but I wasn't sure if that was also part of the reason why you didn't want Lillie to have Mimikyu

    Also, one thing I was thinking of for Nellie's team was maybe giving her UB Adhesive for her twelfth pokémon if it's available in the main story. Since Nellie's from Ultra Megalopolis, I thought it would work for her character development if she received a pokémon from the dimension she came from since, during her journey, she stops trying to act exactly like her brother and figure out who she is and what she wants. Plus, I can see UB Adhesive working since she'd be able to bond with it through her interactions with the Ultra Recon Squad
    Sorry if that sounded rude, but either way that sounds like a good idea.

    Have you thought of any pokémon with a signature Z-move to include?
    I did get a PM about Gardevoir, but it didn't mention replacing Mimikyu. I do like the idea of the group getting megas, but I think we may want to wait until the Rainbow Rocket storyline for that and only let a few characters have megas for the main storyline. I know that I'm waiting until the post-game for Nellie to get Mega Lopunny
    Has there been anything else that’s been revealed besides the Pokédex leak from yesterday?
    That's kind of what I'm leaning towards too, though I'm also thinking of Buneary since I haven't used one since DP & I thought it'd be interesting to try it out again.
    So far it's just Chikorita & then I'll add Rockruff either before or after Illima's trial since it'll be at lv. 10. The four pokémon I'm leaning towards for my first catch are Pikipek, Buneary, Ekans, & Mime Jr.
    I'm personally having trouble deciding. There are several pokémon I was really interested are all available this early on in the game like Ekans, Mime Jr., Hawlucha (but I won't if Todd uses it), Smoochum, Inkay, & Buneary. I'm only trying to decide between 1-2 of these pokémon, & it's even harder since I know that Pikipek's a contender too XP
    It's just an idea, I haven't decided whether or not to go with it yet. I've been debating whether or not to have Dale & Tyler's universe in S/M or US/UM, but maybe it'd be better if we kept it in Sol & Mituski's universe instead.
    Thanks, that's kind of what I was thinking too, especially I can have it pull similar stunts that Team Rocket's Bewear does by having it pop out of nowhere to save Nelie and then head back to where her other reserves are staying.

    I was also thinking of having Dale be Nellie's traveling companion for Alola since they can have a mentor/pupil relationship and feel as if the story is passing the baton of the protagonist onto the new generation. As for Dale's pokémon, I was only thinking of him only bringing Farfetch'd & two Gen 6 pokémon he caught offscreen in Kalos, so you won't have to worry about Dale's Totodile showing up
    Fair enough :p

    Also, another pokémon I'm considering for Nellie is Bewear, mainly since it got scrapped from Mitsuki's team for Sun & Moon, though I'm not sure if it'll be on her main team or stay a reserve.
    Not sure if I can help with the background stuff right now, but if you're struggling with a baseline you could just start off by just using pokémon you like &/or never used before. Something may come up through that or it'll help you figure out a backstory & baseline.
    I can definitely see Dale coming back since I retconned that he joined the International Police after Johto & specialized in taking down evil organizations around the world, so it would make sense for him to come back after getting reports of Team Rocket showing up in Alola.

    Plus, I can see Tyler showing up either as a member of the Elite 4 or someone hired by Prof. Kukui to help choose the Elite 4 of the Alola region
    That's kind of what I was thinking too, & at the very least Tyler & Dale should come back to give them proper send offs.

    Also, I've decided to change Starla's name to Nellie. I thought it would make sense that, when Oscar first asks her for her name, she just says the prefix "Ne-" over & over again since she has a memory of Necrozma hidden deep within her subconscious
    We gotta have one last epic battle with all of the leaders, while also including Sol, Mitsubishi, Todd, Starla, Tucker, Dale, and Tyler!!!! Maybe without the last three...
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