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  • You misunderstood, I meant apologize to hime through either a Visitor Message or a Private Message. Having regular covsersations on posts is annoying & prohibited to most forum users
    Don't worry about it. Just delete your other two posts "I don't know how to delete" & "What the heck" & ignore whatever MyNameIsMark says. It also wouldn't hurt to apologize to him too
    Saw you were having trouble deleting your posts. To delete your posts:
    - find the post
    - click "Edit Post" (at the bottom of your post)
    - click "Delete" (underneath the text box, and next to "Save", "Go Advanced" and "Cancel")
    - click on the circle next to "Delete Message"
    - fill in the reason for deleting the post in the small text box
    - click "Delete Post" (bottom right-hand corner)
    I don't know how to delete
    Click edit post, & on the right side of "go advanced" there's a button that says "delete." Next, click the little circle next to "delete message" until it looks blue with a black dot in the center & click the rectangular button that says "delete post"

    Also, if someone starts insulting you, don't respond back or else you'll start a flaming battle
    I'm finally in an area with a good Wifi connection, so we can battle without any problems. Do you accept my challenge?
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