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  • well sure i guess hold on, and i dont have all my new teams on wifi so don't expect me to be too good i havent used this in a while lol
    "singles"... :/ dang....

    I'm training for the World Championship I'm in next week. It's doubles (although my 6 pokes actually work for singles too).

    I reeeeeeeally appreciate the offer, but I think I'll have to pass till after Worlds. I gotta stay focused on the finer points of the doubles metagame.

    Thank you so much for responding though. That was kind of you!
    Sweeeeeeet! But wait. Is Weather Warriors a singles or doubles league? I never got a reply on that.
    I'm confused. I don't see your name on the list of gym leaders for the Weather League. What gym do you have and are you open?
    aha well I guess I should say a regular Sandstorm team cause I'm worse against them. But still GG
    Holy ****. I've gotta say I have never lost like that ever. But I will admit that I have also never beat a sand stall team before. Most teams aren't like that now which is what my team is built for. GG though. But don't let that match make you think I don't do good in battles. As I said I was expecting like a Bulky Offense or a Hyper Offense team which is why I brought some not so common pokemon there. But again GG
    ok and in case you didnt register mine before 0818-2009-7818
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