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  • Forry?
    it was:
    -Toxic Spikes
    -Sleep Talk.

    Works in stall as it just needs to live long enogh for SS/EH to kill stuff.
    Score! you don't mind me using girafarig and stantler then?
    for the reocrd i've been testing the team and have lost something like 3 games out of 8-9 so it's doing quite good.
    Stantler has succesfully murdered gyara/scizor/salamence/CalmCune and SDluke.
    he just ****s them over cause they set up thinking he can't do anything to them :D then he pwns.
    stantler for OU?
    i posted on the league, have i definately got a gym?
    wanna test me on shoddy, btw?
    i'm banned on lumi chat for saying girafarig>lumineon.
    and i need to wait for a mod to go on and unban me :(
    Congratulations. I won't be able to tutor tonight. I'm feeling sick and am very tired. Tomorrow most likely.
    Yes, there is one. Read the other guides on the thread where Salavoir's and Kingdrom's post. Is in the CRMT Guide Collection sticky. The 4th link.
    I was going to tell you I needed to recharge my batteries and won't be able to tutor you tonight anyways.

    Your assignment will be to ladder as much as you can tomorrow and keep the win-loss record. I know this might be a little old already but now is when you will see it as a real challenge because now people are of a higher level. We'll start the next "chapter" our tutorship later.
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