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  • Lol. I was waiting for somebody else. I didn't know it was you, and I got a message from the person I was waiting for that he needed me out of the battle. I wasn't playing with my best team, and that was my mistake, but you would have won anyway, so kudos to you.
    Okay, but watch out for Bullet Punch....

    I like the idea of Scarf-Pardos, but he's just so vulnerable, and can't afford to be hit by anything. I think you just need Dragonite w/ Choice Scarf.

    Fire Punch/Fire Blast
    (your choice)
    You should go on Smogon and check the tiers. Don't feel annoyed that you beat me with Garchomp. You have great skill (and good luck...pffff), and Garchomp is almost as fair as Salamence...which is almost as fair as Dragonite. Garchomp is banned in standard play however, and Salamence is actually new to the ubers list. I actually think they made a mistake in how they run things (Smogon, I mean). In my opinion Dragonite is better than Salamence because of ExtremeSpeed, but I guess they'll cross that bridge when they get to it.

    I hope your team doesn't suffer too much from taking Garchomp out.
    Yes I can.
    And you mean I'm right and you're wrong so you won't bother anymore. But you just won't admit it.
    If you were right, you could go through my points, and prove me wrong.
    All done:
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