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    you have been inactive in clan darkwoods for quite awhile
    if you dont reply in the next 24 hours you will be removed from the clan sadly.
    But if your removed all you have to do is register again
    please wait for a post and the post again...I just want to let you know I have a rule for that...if you forgot something in your post just edit it please...
    Im sorry and sad.
    Sorry beacus I had to close my comp (moms order).
    And sad beacus one of my sppf friends are sick.
    Nice! Now its about 99.9% chance I will be online.
    Unlike earlier. But seriosly! My mom told me I could go to a friend tomorow. I asked when, and she joked i could go anytime. So I was up 7.20 am on my summer vaccation (nice thats an end of the school sometime). I ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and woke up my mom asking where my shirt was. She told me it was a joke and that I, seven hours later could go to him.
    I do it like this:
    1 Open program.
    2 Choses option "go online".
    3 Clicks on server pokemon online.
    Have you made an account? I didnt.
    Its midnight here, so if I play on my comp, theres a 100% chance my mom will here it.
    Servername: pokemon online.
    I think you also get a pm about when you are accepted in darkwoods.
    I must leave for my breakfeast, cya!
    I must go up, get me some breakfeast, go to a pal, awake the pal, and if I can bring my USB, we might can battle then. But for the moment cya!
    Actually, I dont know. I think its when yoy start searching for a battle.
    Also: name on po?
    And: for how long can you be online?
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