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  • Am ready now if you want, but I don't think I'm the you should worry about, they steel leader aint been around for weeks now.
    he might not even be aware of the rest. lol
    I don't recall if I did. Either way, I've got a team that took my AGES to put together. It's finally complete, and ready to battle in a Singles, OU format.
    Well I let those first 2 guys go down real quick. It seems to take me a few minutes to get into a match if I haven't played with the team in a while. Good luck with the others. They're much better than I am.
    Its been awhile since I've used it so I'm a bit rusty with it but that doesn't take away from your team and your great play. I kind of forgot what my pokemon could do. But your set up mon had me completely baffled. I couldn't figure it out until you started setting it up and by then I was down my best counter. Its defenses surprised me as well. I really like your team.
    Is there a placement year in your course?

    Did you enjoy it?

    Went cinema on monday, worked tues-thurs then spent friday looking for a new job, working sat and probably working sunday but even im not sundays are just depressing. I dont have a 9-5 mon to fri job so the weekend doesnt really affect me :p
    Oh definitely! I'm determined. :D
    Surprisingly I do. I recall playing in early high school gym, but never outside of that have I played.
    How's your week been, excited for the weekend?
    That's probably the most difficult thing about the challenge. It forces you to either change you style or use mon that don't fit it. Or try to make mon fit into your style. Its been quite the annoying process, but fun at the same time because it has made me use things that I either did not like or just found annoying and now I have a whole new love for them.
    Skullbash is. I don't know where in the challenge he is, but he was sending messages to Art trying to set up a battle.
    Well, with the team I have now, it has only lost twice. And that's because of a missed attack that changed the battle. I'm not sure how many battles I've had with it, but I would say at least 30. So it has a really good record to say the least lol. I'm just waiting for Gohan to finish his team to challenge again.
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