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  • I'm referring to school because... I'm not used with all this difference between school, highschool. For us, even college means the same thing as school. Obviously I use the meaning in english, haha!!!
    But, regarding your question. I don't think university and college are any different, but idk. At least here in Brazil, university = college for USA.

    And Gordon is my idol, haha! I remind him (just a bit) while cooking, lol. But my last 'master' (as I always refer to them as master, idk why) wasn't exactly stupid. He did had his moments, such as screaming for nothing, haha!

    What 'bout ya? What you pretend to do?
    You don't necessarily have to tell me your exact location, hehe. I just want to know from which country you are. But if you don't want to tell me, it's perfectly fine! Don't feel any pressure!

    Ah! I don't know. Probably won't be any soon. I'm a 18 y-o boy that don't have a job and has "years" (okay, just 3) to conclude school in order to go to college. I think I'll do some culinary course next year in order to find a more fittings job. My last job was also on kitchen, but it's no fun to pass the whole day helping the master chef. Mostly because there's no break and I'm not a good kitchen cleaner, haha!
    What about you? Getting them any soon?
    Remember me from?

    And no problem! You're from the Grass-type pokemon club!

    So, from where you are?
    Oops lol. How did you know it was me who gave you reputation? Anyways sorry about that. In my opinion poketubers are people who make videos on everything pokemon , not just competitive battling. however competitive battler or not u can still be a pokemon fan , just not a poketuber in my perspective . The thread was closed anyways because kreis thought it was advertising ( rolls eyes) ( sorry. Kreis ) .
    yeah no problem and you can vm me now lol i close them for people that are not on my friends list cuaz i get trolled so much with it...
    sure thing ill be your friend just letting you know make sure to stay active and btw seeing your sig makes smile i please don't take offensive but i breed my pokemon perfect and stuff since i competitive battle but i do still keep my others lol...i never would just through it away cuaz its not perfect XD i save those for fun battles :p
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