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Recent content by -Leafia-

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    Tony's Fakedex!

    I dont find any of em to look like a pokemon except the pachirisu evo i think they need bigger eyes and less detail
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    Cynthia:aka my Shirona fanart painting

    It REALLY scares me... I never actually though Of Cynthia being fat especially not as fat as you made her but still.....
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    I fake, you fake.

    there good designs as what i can see its just well.... i think using pen is good for scanning just dont use it at first use a pencil and draw lightly and skecth then when your happy with it draw over it with pen.
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    The Serebii Pokemorph and Gijinka Showcase!

    For some reason i think the lack of clockworkz is the rreason why its been dieing cuz usually the thread owner revives it or it will just stay dead
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    manaphy code

    is urs a us ranger or a uk?
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    Some Ideas I have

    but what ophie said(gym leader turning into a pokemon by accident) youd probably have to return him into human from again but i like the idea of a pokemon who is very smart idea but i think maybe that would be the only one in the game but it creates obstacles for u to get it.
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    Second Generation Similarities

    this could be interesting..... imagine you see the ss anne and jasmine is holding loads of ribbons maybe she could take you to sinnoh! that would be awesome... but i didnt know prof. birch was kidnapped but i am not to far into the game!
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    The Serebii Pokemorph and Gijinka Showcase!

    Hey guyz its been a while since ive posted. So... anyway to fauxx you know the fight well it was my brother and since i was annoyed with him and ashamed of him posting that i deleted all my posts in this thread and i was discontent with my bellosom anyway i mean the way i lacked the 2 flowers...
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    Manaphy's Fakemon Collection

    ive seen those pokemon be4... hm... and in that thread there was the pokedex entries and it said for the umbrella that it is not related to drifloon....
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    Budew's Lucky Day

    Its really good for a first. The shading is very good but i feel that budew looks rather flat.
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    ~~::{{fanart From The Cahto Region}}::~~

    You know you could edit your posts you see above me youve posted 10 times in a row! Anyway you should listen to your criticism as before someone said your designs are better complicated not simple and all.
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    SP! Coloring Contest - NEW EACH SEASON!

    Please !! Please ~~ Make More Contestes!!!!!!!!!1
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    Help me, my palPark is glitched up

    ewer nact ehlp ouy fi oyu ondt plexin het ropmle!!!!!!!!!!!!! F u
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    well in my first game (which i deleted) i found my first fossil on the first dig (two actuall, they were right next to each other) then i found loads more fossils loads of gems and loads of everthing, i mEAN EVERYTHING!!!!!!
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    first shiny?

    I am the only one out of my brothers who hasnt caught a shiny but i have seen one. The first shiny I have seen was a shiny poochyena (the one chasing proffeser birch) it wasn't shiny as an overworld sprite but when i saw it was shiny i was so annoyed. I have never seen a shiny since but all my...