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  • I did recieve it, I just wasn't paying any attention to Serebiiforums at the time as I was resetting to get an Impish Lucario for you. - sorry I missed you!
    we can battle now if you want...i dnt use choice items and stuff cuz i feel like its a misconception of pokemons power and skills...i have a new team i just made with two fillers tht has like 3 nu and 2 uu and 1 OU. if you can match ht or come close to tht would be cool but if not i like the challenge..my fc is in my sig use the pearl one
    just wanna say thnks dude for the honest and inspirational opinion. also wanna apoligize for the younger kids who keep replying to you..dnt pay them any attention as they give serebii a bad rep and we dnt wanna be sucked into tht. Also its cool to see that you have alot of honor when it comes to pokemon..when i was reading your post i was lke were alot alike and it was crazy. I'd love to battle you sometime as well bro..see ya around
    saw that you needed a female DW abra, i have a calm one that you can have for free. let me know if you still want it & a good day/time to trade.
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