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  • well you can get w1 if you want but w2 is coming out really soon and it's going to have a lot of cool new features, so idk it's up to you.
    But a slaking is going to hard to use because of his ability truant isn't it? and you should get black or white 2 when it comes out because they brought back alot of old pokemon. You can even catch wild Eevees.
    again i'm sorry for the late reply again but Ev training is a special way of training where you could get higher stats legitimately. i can show you a guide if you want to learn how. and do you have any gen5 games?
    i didn't mean you were taking long, i meant that training can be a long process. oh and i can get you a smeargle :)
    sucks right? but it's amazing special attack can be used for other things like solarbeam. what level is your eggy?
    i thought so to but i checked on bulbapedia like yesterday. psychic types are weak to bug and so are grass, meaning exeggutor has a 4x weakness to bug types.
    it can be an advantage and an disadvantage. if someone sends out a bug type you're pretty much screwed when using exeggutor.
    Soul Silver, White, Pearl, Sapphire, Yellow, Red, Silver, and, used to also have Crystal but dunno what happoned to it...^^

    And Mystery dungeons red and sky :3

    I gotta logout now cya^^

    What games do u got? :3
    I might go to the gameroom soon by the way. My brothers needs the comp soon XD

    Lets talk more about video games again when i'm back, okay? And...forget the stereo type cr*p. Cuz thats what it is (I only censored that cuz I think cussing on here can get you in trouble. i'm not 100% sure, though. but i'm not gonna take any chances MYSELF... :y you can knock yourself and cuss if you feel like it though. just don't say h*te. or sl*t/w*o*e. those 2 also bother me..)
    I don't actually mind cuss words. Just the h*te word.

    I actually cuss myself quite a bit irl. Yes, while wearing cute, pastely pink dresses....screw the rules, I guess?....*shrug* Still, the h*te word is just awful to me.....

    Eeeeep bad language city o_o;
    yes he is. Ever since i watched the anime episode "March of the Exeggutor squad" he has been my favorite.
    Umn NO. I do NOT WANT A MANLY MAN. They DESGUST me. I'm just scared, if I like a guy that like's cute things, i'll stop liking them cuz I was never a 'tomboy'....but I really wanna just like a guy for who they are, NOT A STEREO TYPE >_<;; And heartless guys are heartless to me. Why should i ever have to like them to stay 'good' MYSELF?


    And don't say h*te on my profile. I'm still terrably bothered by that word.
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