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  • Listen, I apologize if you thought I was trying to be harsh or rude(admittedly the last part of my sentence wasn't needed), but all I was trying to do was tell you the least you could do is read the forum rules and use a little common sense. And if you have a problem with me, then you pm/vm ME, not post a bunch ruining someone elses thread.

    Lastly, if your interested, here is my main sprite thread-

    I'm not going to act cool and say I doubt you can sprite better than that, because I don't know how well you can sprite, but if you can sprite better than what I've done I would no doubt be interested in seeing it, honestly.
    LOL. I'm afraid -Raiga- could easily make better sprites than you. Don't EVER go posting your own sprites in someone else's thread. in the time you've gone and done that, you could made your own thread. Not that hard. -Raiga- was in the right saying what he said, so don't go attacking him.
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