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  • oh no sweetie you didn't do any harm i was just saying if you were not sure how to take the content thats all ;) and im more of a dudet LOL....im a girl...anyway your fine...I just like to get that out cuaz lots of people have really big discussions about that...rnging is legit though cuaz battle videos will still go through...some people just call it cheating and hacking cuaz of how fast you fine the poke...its just a form of finding them faster...it depends on the person...no big deal at all...i respect both sides :)
    hmmm not really hacking cuaz it would be hacking if you directly used a device like a action replay...your using a device on the computer that calculates your chances on how the game works but on the other had its kinda is cuaz your using a device...it depends on the person sweetie...I normally just rng for competive battling...thats the only reason i learned...if i didn't have a clan then i wouldn't be rnging...I hope you not made at me for learning...me and blonde do it for the clan...
    no sadly need sleep for work will try tommorow...unless you have PO i can quickly battle there? its a date ;) hahaha love saying that people take it the wrong way sometimes LOL...alright ttyl night leftovers tommorow ;)
    thanks well i did PO battle i lost miss prodicted and crit happy server LOL...its alright though PO is not my strong suit...im a wifi battler...
    sorry can't battle tonight maybe tommorow not sure i got hw like crazy and finals are coming up for school...i may have someone sub for me for the war as well :/
    saturday i can battle im suppose to do my war battle this saturday anyway for the clan so we can do it then :) got to go though not feeling good and got to get some hw done ;)
    there a qouate example on the main page the one i think above or under it right there...hope that helps :)
    lol sounds fine to me lol...im not worried who wins or loses i just want to have a fun battle thats all :)
    hahaha LOL yeah but i can't think the time i may be free is saturday coming up...got work tommorow most of the day :/
    okay sounds good let me know when your ready :) im just doing three things right now running the rng reporter, hw, and on the forum LOL...
    okay thats fine then we can do that :) I have no problem with that my team is ready to have a fun OU battle :)
    oh crap all my pokes are at Lv.100 so that sucks :/ i wonder if the game can reduce it to level 50 if we change the battle rulings?
    thanks and lol sounds fun :) also no banned poke fight OU match LV. 100 :) no item use and no mic please...just like a normal clan battle even though your not in a clan yet ;)
    no problem ;) yeah just rnging a shiny hp fire rotom as request for a clan member for his competitive team :)
    hey leftovers hows it going? sorry for the late response :( been busy with my clan and rnging for competitive pokemon for my clan members...
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