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  • Hello ,
    I would like to tell you about CartoonBix.
    Its an animation site containing a wide collection of Games,Videos,Photos.
    You can also participate in Forums and you can also maintain a blog there.
    There is also a virtual pet with whom you can play with.
    There is a wide variety of games like-pokemon,DBZ,Kim Possible, etc.
    You can also add customized application in your profile like you do in Facebook.
    You can upload photos and videos which every member can see.
    Contests are also going on there.
    Please join it,,,its worth joining...
    A Dragon Ball Z game is also going on there
    Hardy Nature


    Metal Claw
    Anicient Power
    Dragon Claw
    Roar of Time
    hey legend.
    i supposed to have 945 SE Coins, with my donates and since i beated ron 2-0 and since he left the SE, more 20. o:
    also erase Shaymin.
    i will send you in more couple of minutes the pokes IVs.
    i got a battle and pwned the opponent 5-0.
    **will edit some times coz i'm battling many times now**
    630 SE Coins
    Also Legend you need to put me in Phop's team.
    I see, I'll gladly accept a battle from anyone in your crew. If we are ever online again around the sametime. Feel free to challenge me. Farewell.
    I can apperciate the offer, but I dont think that there is any clan here that can compete at my level of play. Forgive me, but I decline.
    Hmm.. I already have my own clan. Cyber Dark Alliance. Fully represented in my signature. I guess you were offering me a spot on yours ?
    do you need me to fill out that form because I know some of the stuff i've never given you.
    yeah i'll re-join it. I haven't been on lately since i got super smash bros. brawl but I'm starting to come back more. I just got to start getting used to the standard rules because i've always been an all out uber battler.
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