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Last Activity:
May 7, 2010
Oct 25, 2009
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New Member

legend9909 was last seen:
May 7, 2010
    1. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      zapdos ut lax
      entei ut jolly
      sucine lv50 lonely
      raikou lv41 lv up with rare candy also earned some exp admant
      moltres ut gentle
      articuno ut lax
      latias lv 100 hardy atk225 def214 spatk277 spdef308 speed257 hp281
      arceus lv81 naive
    2. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      lataia is lv 100
      birds got ut and lv 100's
      dogs raikou and sucine touhed but not even leveled by 1 except raikou which got an rare candy. entei ut
      arceus has been touched by lv1
      ill tell u the naures later need to go
    3. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      u cn take 2 poke from the list below
      offers-ss groundon, legendary beasts, legendary birds,golems,lv1 palkia,dialga(also got ut lv70 versions),lake trio,creslia,lugia,latias,touched hall of origin arceus
    4. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      ah well wat do u want 4 it :p also is it ut
    5. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      legend i want 1 of ur gamestop deoxys (want nature that boosts sp atk and dont affect speed)
      u can take at least 2 of the following depends what u choose i can even offer up to 3
      offers-ss groundon, legendary beasts, legendary birds,golems,lv1 palkia,dialga(also got ut lv70 versions),lake trio,creslia,lugia,latias
      p.s. i will give the hall of origin arceus as a gift (been leveled up by 1 level)
    6. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      hi legend jus curious about have u got another tru arceus and gamestop deoxy
    7. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      mate i dont want my kyogre back and 'right u gave me the wrong 1 jus send it to my hg again' jus means u gave me the wrong friend code
      thanks 4 ur ruins alph stuff. i already knew it i did it with another arceus another guy traded me which was from hall of ?(forgot) i didnt like that one cuz its kind of half hacked u know what i mean
      p.s. good luck 4 catching raquaza if thats wat ur planning to do also i know u can activate ruins of alph event 2nd time with this other arceus=)
    8. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      so many stuff happening wrong fc my rubbish internet which disconnected me
      but its nice too trade
    9. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      right u gave me the wrong 1
      jus send it to my hg again
    10. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      plat fc-3996 9140 8169
    11. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      right ill go on my plat now ill give u my fc wait
      soz thought trading to my hg again
    12. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      jus trade it to my hg like last time
    13. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      come on mate
    14. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      right waiting 4 u
    15. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      r u on right now cuz im waiting 4 u to trade
      p.s. ill be on until 1am gmt and in case if u cant make it today how about 2morrow at 7pm or u pm telling me the time
    16. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      sure thing i dont mind the trading from plat and ss
    17. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      right yeah lets trade now
    18. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      sure it ok
      details on kyogre
      ot KEVIN
      met at lv 50 embedded tower
      tell me ur time zone so its easier for organizing a trade my time zones gmt also tell me ur fc aswell

      my HG FC- 1978 2677 5319
    19. Rocket Aqua
      Rocket Aqua
      how about hg kyogre 4 ur tru arceus please no clones and have to be, obviously legit
    20. keroblade
      Hey I have a spare Infernape what are you offering?
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:


    tru dragonite x2
    tru regigigas x2
    timid flower paradise shaymin
    almia darkrai x2
    space colony deoxys x4
    10th anniv entei
    10th anniv raikou
    10h anniv suicune
    navel rock ho-oh
    navel rock lugia
    southern island latios
    southern island latias
    shotokan(pcp) pichu
    alamos darkrai
    mystry mew
    japanese pokemon sunday whiscash
    tru manaphy
    tru arceus
    japanese ranch flygon
    japanese ranch meowth
    japanese ranch octillery
    japanese ranch slaking
    japanese ranch metagross
    jolly articuno
    impish zapdos
    quirky moltres
    hasty rayquaza
    mild azelf
    lonely uxie
    careful mesprit
    pktopia electivire
    pktopia magmortar

    majority of these are ut, so yeh.