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legendary master Jose
Last Activity:
Jun 26, 2012
Sep 17, 2004
Likes Received:
Aug 6, 1993 (Age: 26)

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legendary master Jose

Nutjob, 26, from SPACE!

legendary master Jose was last seen:
Jun 26, 2012
    1. Pikachu1125
      Hey idk if you remember me or not, but just stopped by and saying what's up.
    2. (s.i.e)
      can happen can happen, it's solved now i do hope?
    3. (s.i.e)
      wait a sec, you are jal1993?
      jose you could have told me you were sending me a PSN friendrequest, i deleted your request yesterday becuase i thought it was just another random add, i don't ask for clearification PM's in my sig for the fun you know:(
    4. ianflowforever
      So tatz eh yez?
    5. ianflowforever
      I can haz cawbelz?
    6. Obsolete
      Dunno. Hopefully it's fixed soon so everyone in the chat doesn't go crazy.
    7. mario_fan
      lol mc gru.....pepsi
    8. ScytheSwipe
      regarding scythemantis post it is called theocracy and it exists and no I didn't read the thread but take a POLS class and you will find that they had certain beliefs. You can even read the Federalist papers that pushed for the Constitution to unify and protect citizens of the USA
    9. Mr. Joker
      Mr. Joker
      I love your sig. Are you republican?
    10. Jink
      I love your sig, lmao.
    11. scythemantis
      Agreeing with randomspot. It's ridiculous to say an entire country should be based on the morals of a single religion, no matter what you think it was "founded upon." Times have changed for the better.

      Liberalism IS justice, righteousness and freedom. It's the belief that people may live as they choose, even if you disagree with them, so long as they don't infringe upon the lives of others. Neither abortion nor homosexuality hurt YOU, so it just isn't your business at all. If you disagree with it, then don't have an abortion and don't be gay. It shouldn't matter to you what the rest of the country does or doesn't practice. That's what America is about. Freedom for every INDIVIDUAL.
    12. randomspot555
      My post got ate up before the thread was closed. But I just wanted to say to you that I love my country, all of it. Always will. Even though I may disagree with some politicians or policies, that doesn't change how I feel about the US.

      But what I don't get is you people, who insist on divding America up. You say you have the "moral" america, and them imply everyone else is less so. It's like you put Real America up on some untouchable pedastal, and Fake America is to be hated.

      And that. Wel, that's just the most unAmerican thing of all.

      Also, the Bible isn't law. And none of what you posted proved, even a little bit, that the founders thought all that about abortion or gay marriage. Your entire argument was "Would they support it? I don't think so." Your opinion isn't fact.
    13. Mr. Joker
      Mr. Joker
      Your sig....... FUNNY **GIGITY**
    14. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      Well that's good =)
    15. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      I saw Biloxi on the way back. But I'm assuming you're home already. Chippy is! XD
    16. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      Thanks, Jose. I think we might be staying, seeing as we can't find anywhere to go (not many places allow four cats and a lizard all at once D=).
    17. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      ZOMG Happy Birathday, Jose!!!!!!!! *throws confetti* Fellow LA'ians unite! XD I'm being stupid again.
    18. maxx unlimited
      maxx unlimited
      Happy Birthday!
    19. legendarypokemonjunkie17
      Happy Birthday Jose!
    20. Locke Yggdrasill
      Locke Yggdrasill
      Oh, cool, I'm a Louisianian, and when I saw that you like Cajun Seasoning, I was like :O
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    Aug 6, 1993 (Age: 26)
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    Play it cool, Here come the space cops.