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  • Hay, I'd like to point you towards this thread. It's called the Time Out, basically a place for ASBers to chill and post about anything. It doesn't have much activity which is why I'm trying to go around and tell newbies that a thread like that exists.
    Happy Eastern!
    BTW, which are in your opinion Ash's 10 strongest Pokemon? Here's my list in particular order:
    Yeah, so just a few things about your Sigless Squad Submissions post:

    1.) Newbies can only have 13 Pokemon on their squad
    2.) As a newbie, you're TL1. This means that all your Pokemon will be Level 1 except that you can have two Level 2 Pokemon as a TL1 trainer.

    Check out this site for more information.

    Good luck in the league.
    I know you're not reasonably new but I need to tell you a few things;
    1. Don't bump old threads (such as the date 5th September 2011 and someone bumps it)
    2. I'm sure your signature is too big and you're only allowed one spoiler in your signature. I suggest you get your siggy checked.

    I'm so sorry if I sounded mean. I just thought you should know. I'm only trying to help.
    Sorry, you've been denied. The only thing you can do that's different then the other art stuff we offer is the evolutions shadows, and I'd prefer to keep Dialga6 if he gets those requests he's supposed to be doing done...(It's been 5 days, he needs to get those done soon, dang it)
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