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Nov 1, 2009
May 10, 2008
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May 27

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Darkrai Master

LegendaryDarkrai was last seen:
Nov 1, 2009
    1. LegendaryDarkrai
      it is the same thing on rajah because i got it from rajah.
    2. shiny gible
      shiny gible
      i guess I was wrong they do have all the right matches.
      see ya later
    3. shiny gible
      shiny gible
      are you sure that is right because some of that is just made up nonsense becasue i saw the same thing on that rajah.com and I belive some of that but not all of it until tonight
      see ya later
    4. LegendaryDarkrai
      I have to go so I will just post them anyway

      WWE SmackDown: (Airing This Friday)
      * Mick Foley makes his way out to ringside. So far, no sign of Jim Ross.

      * SmackDown opens with Vickie Guerrero nearly in tears talking about Vince McMahon's "accident." She receives a lot of heat and wishes Vince well. She says she hopes he's not in a wheelchair. She announces new SmackDown color commentator, Jim Ross. He makes his way out to ringside as the crowd explodes!

      * Triple H comes out to cut a promo. He gets a huge pop. Triple H welcomes Jim Ross to SmackDown by saying he is the best and he's glad he came with him. He the talks about Night of Champions. Edge comes out to interrupt him. He tells Triple H that they can get both get along. Hunter disagrees by saying that both have too big of egos and that Edge won't have the World Championship after Sunday's Night of Champions pay-per-view.

      Edge combats by saying this is his house and that Triple H needs to respect him. Batista then comes out. Hunter then pushes Edge and Batista hits him. They both hold the title up while Edge is on the ground.

      * Rey Mysterio's last appearance on SmackDown is announced for tonight.

      * Big Show & Kane b. MVP & Mark Henry
      The match was back and forth throughout. MVP tagged himself in and got in trouble with Kane. He tried to leave but Mark Henry threw him back in. Kane pins him for the win.

      * Finlay & Hornswoggle b. Zack Ryder & Kurt Hawkins
      Huge pop for Finlay & Hornswoggle. The match was pretty much one sided throughout and Finlay & Hornswoggle take the win. The Miz & John Morrison stand on the entrance ramp with their belts.

      * Edge b. Matt Hardy
      I'm told this was a pretty decent match throughout. Lots of holds and counter holds. Edge wins with a spear after several near falls. Lots of crowd heat on Edge.

      * Maryse, Victoria, & Natalya b. Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, & Cherry
      The match was back and forth throughout. The crowd could have cared less. After all the divas get involved Maryse gets the roll up pin on Cherry for the win!

      * It is announced that Kennedy won't be on SmackDown until next week.

      * Vladimir Kozlov b. Domino
      Real quick match. Heat on both Superstars.

      * Rey Mysterio comes out wearing street clothes and his mask. He explains to the fans that he has been drafted to Monday Night Raw and he hopes everyone will tune in weekly to watch him. He goes on to say hopefully he can fulfill more of his dreams.

      Batista then comes out and says he will back Rey wherever he goes.

      * Batista vs. Umaga
      Umaga has control early on. The match moves slowly. Zack Ryder & Kurt Hawkins come running out while Edge grabs his belt. La Familia beat Umaga.

      Triple H comes out and helps Batista clean house. Pedigree and Batista Bomb on Zack Ryder & Kurt Hawkins.

      Batista grabs the mic and said at first he was upset about the Draft. Triple H then told him he was going to good on Raw. SmackDown goes off the air.
    5. LegendaryDarkrai
      that match would be awesome
      Do you want to know the smackdown results because i can find them because smackdown is taped
    6. shiny gible
      shiny gible
      eh i don't know i might because i going to go to my friend shadow lucario's house to hang out so i might miss it but i'll see what happened on wwe.com because he doesn't watch smackdown, raw, or ecw because he says it is fake and i no that but it is fun to see what happens and at sumerslam my prediction is triple h vs edge vs the undertaker for the wwe title
    7. LegendaryDarkrai
      are you going to watch smack down tonight
    8. shiny gible
      shiny gible
      it pretty bad *** with that on emove he can become hokage anytime
    9. LegendaryDarkrai
    10. shiny gible
      shiny gible
      ya so ya did you no that naruto has a new justu called the rasengan shurakin or something like that i think i spelled it wrong though
    11. LegendaryDarkrai
      I have to go by
    12. LegendaryDarkrai
      oh i did not know that
    13. shiny gible
      shiny gible
      noone itachi gave him his and that activated his own
    14. LegendaryDarkrai
      yea but who did he kill to get it
    15. shiny gible
      shiny gible
      ok good point i wont use it for the forum page and the manga info is way behind than onemanga.com because they only go up to 365 or something and onemanga.com is at 405 and coming 406 tomarrow so thats for naruto
      do you no that sasuke has a mangekyou sharingan now
    16. LegendaryDarkrai
      i dont use the forum I just use it for information
    17. shiny gible
      shiny gible
      hey you no narutopedia. the forum page i tryed register but i says registration complete Follow the instructions in the registration email. but i didn't get the e-mail do you no what i have to do
    18. shiny gible
      shiny gible
      true very true
    19. LegendaryDarkrai
      true. this is what it says on narutopedia
      He is stabbed by Itachi's Sword of Totsuka, which seals Orochimaru in a dream-like genjutsu forever. However, when Kabuto meets Naruto, Hinata Hyuga, and Yamato, he tells them how he infused himself with Orochimaru's remains, which is now slowly taking over his body, allowing Kabuto to take his power and finish Orochimaru's goals as a leader and not a follower.
    20. shiny gible
      shiny gible
      well mainly orochimaru isn't dead because he was absorbed by kabuto and orochimaru is taking over kabuto's body
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