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  • I would, but I'm not really a fic person. D: *shot multiple times*

    Meh, I've been better but it's okay I guess. =/

    Also, you should change your "Occupation" on your profile a little. xD
    Whoa, welcome back! =D You have been gone for a while, I was wondering what was up.

    I'll PM you then, lol. I'll try to get to your fic, too!
    Um...it depends on the signup really. I guess for all intents and purposes the signups are still open, but I'll be a bit more critical for what I accept.
    You're welcome ;]

    I'm still interested, but as a word of note, you'd be extremely lucky if you actually got five seperate reviews (that count as reviews, rather than mindless praise/flame). Just a word of note.
    Hey, it's Chippy. Not gonna say a whole lot, but you don't answer my e-mails, and your PM box is full. So yeah, can you e-mail me? It's jule_akat@yahoo.com, in case you don't have it. Please e-mail and such so we can talk again XD
    I was gone longer than I said on my porifle messages...
    If any chapters since well.. SUMMER have been added give me a ring
    hey hey, lpj17, still active around these parts ?
    Been waiting for more of your writing for ages... :eek:

    Anyway, wishing you a Merry Christmas !

    Bothered 4 times, cause I like the number 4 =P

    Meh, I hate fall. And winter. Winter more so. Although seeing the colors change is pretty cool, we don't see it much. Still mostly green.

    Uh.....you're asking the wrong person. I can't remember anything government-wise. I even forget who the president of the US is sometimes. I'm an idiot =3

    I think it is though. Sounds right.

    And wow, another avy change for you. I already forgot what your last one was. Wait, I remember now.

    EDIT: And of course, you log off. What, do I scare people?
    Oh hey, buddy, it's been a while. It looks like school is boring for you... uh, I mean, I didn't know that! I wasn't stalking your conversations!

    ...Okay, yes, I was. Gee, I sure am feeling weird right now. Just dropping in to say hi, check up on you, the usual shtick. (did I spell/use that right?)
    Shellos is awesome, dude =P

    I've tried to fall asleep in class. Didn't work. But anyway, I have Chemistry this year, so HURRAH. NO BIOLOGY. It was so boring last year. Now we get to BURN and EXPLODE stuff.

    While wearing safety goggles, of course.

    Nothing much. I have a Frnech test tomorrow, and a Theology quiz. Surprisingly, I'm not stressed. And I have a Math......need word here.....something on Saturday morning, basically we get to serve pizza. I should bring money so I can get some myself, this time.

    I type too much.
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