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  • Yeah, why not Dave? Dave is an awesome name! It's the new 'Bob'!

    Yay! I won't colour it, so I might be able to finish it by today so I'll be sure to show you! ^^ *Runs to get pencil, paper, rubber and sharpener*

    Hmm, Mespirt is the being of emotion right? How about Regained emotion shipping? I know, it's cheesy. XP

    I'm fine with animals and all that but humans get me. So I don't draw them much unless it's Team Galactic...
    LOL @ squished waffle!! It's not bad, seriously! I think you'll need to add a bit more shading to make him look less 'flat' and to be leaning back, I think he needs to lean the other way for that to look right, as ATM he looks like he's leaning foreward. :/
    Lol that's awesome! I like Cyrus' expression, it's like "Oookay, I'm riding an Arceus...Cool." XD Don't worry I find humans hard to draw aswell. I can get the body shape and propotions but when it comes to the head, hands and feet. I FAIL! D:

    Do you mind if I draw something similar? I'm still working on that other pic for you, it's in colour so it'll take a few days as I have to work on this summer project for art aswell.

    say, if you had an arceus, what would you name it? I'd name mine either GODwannaBe or.... Dave! XD
    hey its okay about the lugia/skymin (shaymin skyforme)/flygon thing i've got that one ;) Eh if you dont get it (the scanner) fixed in time I'll do the linoone one
    Hi, how's it going? I haven't heard of you from a long time. Remember me, I was Invinsible Metagross, we used to talk about Pokemon Crater via PM. :)
    Haha! Nice one! So your Horses don't mind cars too much then?
    My easter was Ok, I mainly slacked off but I did go to a Shaymin event, and got myself two of them. (one for Platinum, the other for Pearl.) Anyway, I ended up having to cram all the HW I should've done over the two weeks into 3 days...remind me not to do that again lol.
    I know! I was thinking the same thing when encountered her LOL ^_^
    She's my second legit shiny :) the first was a Spearow in Fire red

    Ooh! I'm off to comment on your new art thread I just found! I've always loved your work :D
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