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  • Oldsmobile eh? Nice! I've never seen one in the Uk but I use a cutlass in a racing game of mine :p But an Off-roader sounds awesome! I've been trying to convince dad to get rid of his nasty Rover 45 and get a Land Rover Defender instead lol
    Oh man, I love camping! We go to Car shows in our '76 VW Campervan, and I sleep in the roof! Its so much fun!
    Oh yes!! You so deserve a high 5 right now! (I wish I could actually give you one) So yeah, CONGRATULATIONS! :D Have you got a car yet? If so, what is it or what are you going to get????
    Art's my fave too! i had to to draw something to do with 'distortion' so i drew Giratina the reflection of my bedroom in a chrome vw Beetle hubcap!

    thats a very pretty horse you have there! is a male or female? i rode a horse once...it didnt like me much o_O i'll stick to driving a car i think! ^_^
    same here, been doing art and science today, and now I'm writing an English essay about people in poems -_-Zzz
    Saturday was better though, spend the morning looking at land rovers with dad(I liek cars LOL) then the evening was spent a my friends 16th b day party! Epic fun, especially the kareoke! Sang things like the ghostbusters theme, bohemian rhapsody by queen, Goodbye mr A by The Hoosiers then ended the night with Thunderbirds are go! By Busted (chosen by me :3)
    and what is wrong with Cyrus?!
    ...?...I think I'll stick with Herbie in that case ^_^;
    *pats shoulder* aww don't be sad, everythings gonna be alright, remember-just keep swimming just keep swimming, what do we do? We swim swim swi-*shot*
    so what you upto now? I'm sitting on the sofa with my tea watching back to the future 2 :)
    Lolz surely my avatar wouldve given a clue! ^_^
    Have you got any ideas what i can nickname a rotom when i get one? I was thinking of Herbie because the pkmn and the car both have the same cheeky personality :)
    oh yeah, did you ever finish that amv?
    yeah, cresselia may normally look all pretty and nice with its rainbow coloured skin/fur...BUT...as soon as a full moon appears, it goes on a mass murder rampage! LOL

    I can see the news headlines 'killer cresselia strikes again!'
    *waves back :)* yeah I've seen them, I like the cresselia one(hehe it makes darkrai look friendlier LOL) I can't seem to find the baby though...

    Nice to see your name back on the 'who's online' list ^_^ how did you get banned anyway?
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