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  1. LegendaryRotom

    Nuckelavee's Artwork

    You have a brilliant traditional shading style on you sketches. It reminds me of something you would find in a Baroque field guide or beastiary. And that is a hard style to pull off! (: I would tell you to darken some of the darkest shaded areas and try to stay further away from cell-shading...
  2. LegendaryRotom

    I'm Back From the Dead!

    Celebrate, forum! I command thee! Well, as always, if you follow me on deviantart this is essentially the same gallery. So, for you newcomers here, enjoy my art and please keep your hands away from the Cresselia. (: Cressi lol glare. It was Darkrai! Oh no. This is not pokemon...
  3. LegendaryRotom

    Gather 'Round For Some L.Rotom Art

    I'm more or less self-taught. Aside from Studio A, which was pretty much just learning how to steal supplies so I could go home and teach myself again. Anyway, I'm sort of losing interest in pokemon (my Pearl and Diamond versions were pick-pocketed/pursed on Black Friday-and you can imagine...
  4. LegendaryRotom

    Same Sex Schools?

    @ Profesco: That is more or less my own problem. I'm fairly uncomfortable around all people, just boys to a much greater extent. While being in a same-sex school did hinder my communication with boys, it's not like I really wanted to communicate with them anyway Not every girl in an all...
  5. LegendaryRotom

    Gather 'Round For Some L.Rotom Art

    It does, doesn't it? Well, that tears it, Shuckle's now officially on my "f*cking great pokemon" list along with Cresselia, Azelf, and Froslass. I hate Johto pokemon. But I was exceptionally bored in Chem and decided to draw my old Suicune, Quickie.
  6. LegendaryRotom

    Where did your pokemon journey begin?

    My true pokemon journey began on Route 202, Sinnoh, where I caught Woodwind. That was when I actually began to write my pokemon into stories and give them personality. I feel like my real journey only began once I was journeying with pokemon I considered my partners, not just things I raised...
  7. LegendaryRotom

    Who uses legendarys?

    I use legendaries all the time. But, as I've said before, I don't use them for their power. I use them because they're some of my favorite pokemon. Eh, I use Azelf, Cressi, Girameister, Palkia, Darkrai, Grrroudon, Heaty, Kyogre, Regice, Arceus, and Mespi.
  8. LegendaryRotom

    Same Sex Schools?

    I decided to go to an all-girls Catholic high school for a few years, and let me tell you; It was the best choice I had ever made in my life. Everyone seemed at peace. There was no fighting, no troubles with relationships, no senseless drama... it was so much more likable to be around than...
  9. LegendaryRotom

    Gather 'Round For Some L.Rotom Art

    Most beautiful thing ever. You will never look at your kitchen faucet the same way again.
  10. LegendaryRotom

    top 5 3rd gen pokemon

    1. Castform 2. Swalot 3. Illumise 4. Solrock 5. Regice
  11. LegendaryRotom

    Gather 'Round For Some L.Rotom Art

    Haha. Honestly, I skim over sigs most of the time. I must miss out on a lot. As you will see in the full piece, that Zubat isn't chasing its tail...it's going to be doing something a heck of a lot more disturbing than that. And, for the most part, it's safe to assume that in most of my...
  12. LegendaryRotom

    Dialga= Time, Palkia= Space, Giratina=???

    Contrary to the straight distortion concept, I feel as if ol' Girameister is the personification of pure universal corruption. Gira was banished from the physical world for its violence toward humanity and other pokemon/gods. Therefor having to reside in a separate dimension parallel to the...
  13. LegendaryRotom

    Gather 'Round For Some L.Rotom Art

    Oh! Hello there, fellow Yu-Gi-Oh fan! Shvoltz isn't really insane...just...grumpy. He's quite brilliant, though. Then again, I think all Rotom have that inherent genius buried inside them. ^o-o^ Today, my art teacher told me I couldn't shade well! I wanted to slap her!
  14. LegendaryRotom

    My Pokéart

    Lord love you. That Mareep is so beautifully psychological and disturbing, I love it. The stomach candies and exposed flesh on the legs make it a piece that truly speaks into the human mind's natural desire for violent imagery. And like always, the watercolours accent the gory effect well...
  15. LegendaryRotom

    Gather 'Round For Some L.Rotom Art

    Now I know never to draw Inspiration Plug jumping off a 100-story building. That gryphon is actually a distorted version of one of my fakemon, Gizmolt. (: And, yes, charcoal is easy to make textures with. Mostly because of how it smears and how gradual the smears are. The only drawback is...