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  • If you're up for it I can trade now. My FC is 0232-8181-3124, trainer name Seliora and 3DS name Myrrh. Otherwise I can check back in like two hours or so.
    Hello there. I'm on GMT -8 and will be ready to trade your Cheri Berry for my 5 IV Honedge tomorrow when I'm next on. I go to school at around 6 PM, so hopefully we can trade before that. I'll give you my info tomorrow, for now I thought I'd just get the ball rolling.
    Had 5 consecutive 14-hour work days, so I haven't been able to play as of late. Is there any way we could do the trade on tuesday, seeing as that'll be my only day off over the next 6 weeks?
    No worries, currently busy trying to level that shiny dedenne you saw to 100 (managed to find it while hatching eggs believe it or not, thing even has max attack/spatk/speed/hp ivs too which is always nice). Oh, and don't consider that klefki as payment for ev'ing. Think of it as my way of sharing something badass (tip: 252hp/252def/4spatk with the moves spikes/t'wave/draining kiss/flash cannon work wonders in the battle maison).
    I want you to ev my skrelp (252hp/252spa/4def) and slowpoke (252hp/252def/4spa). The klefki is yours to (ab)use however you want, came off one of my breeding runs in which I was trying to find a perfect lead. It has flawless hp/sdef/spatk iv's, so go nuts.
    Tis a shame. While I do have a shiny trapinch, I'd rather get rid of a competitive one as they're easier to get a hold of. Speaking of which, if you're interested in adding some of them to your shop I'd be more than happy to toss a bunch your way. Then you could get even more business while still doing almost the same amount of work.
    On now, have 2 pkmn I need help ev'ing, and if that guy who posted in your shop wants a "competitive" trapinch, I'd be willing to breed off an adamant one with flawless atk/speed iv's.
    If you're ready to trade sometime soon, I was doing more wonder trades and, well, you'll see.
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