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  • eh it happens. just remember that most of the people on this site are adults (or close enough) and they might not help you if youre not being mature
    - have you been EV training it from the start? thats what Im trying to teach you. it is really necessary if you want to be good at competitive battling, not just beating the elite 4. if you dont want to do it, thats your choice, but you will have trouble in competitive play on wifi and random matchups because your opponent will
    - blaziken or infernape can work to counter the grass weakness. especially to ferrothorn. but you should EV train it as well. use the guide I gave you.
    - I was curious about your age because you sound really young. and kinda immature at times
    part of the message below, but it was too long

    6) when Im done I can use a carbos to get the speed EVs I can still get. Now just level him up to level 50 and get the moves you want in the process.
    7)) Remember to keep track of what you battled. On a piece of paper write down how many EVs you want for each stat. So 252 HP. subtract after every battle until you are at zero. first I use the HP ups, subtract 100, 152 to go. so I KO 11 slowpokes with the exp share, (with pokerus) 22 down, 130 to go. give it the power weight and let it fight itself. KO 13 slowpores, 130 down, 0 left. we're done with HP!
    EV training. Remember in this example I'm going to go for 252 HP, 252 attack, 4 speed.
    1) vitimins. each has 10 EVs and I can use a max of 10 per stat for 100 EVs, no effort. If you have the cash get 10 protein shakes (attack) and 10 HP ups. 200 down, 310 to go.
    2) now to find a place to EV train. at the bottom of this guide are some places to go for each stat in this game. remember that every pokemon gives an EV, so dont take it into a random battle unless it gives a stat you want.. on SS I will go to surf at the slowpole well for HP (1 slowpoke = 1HP EV) (avoid the zubats) and surf on route 42 to fight goldeen/seakings (1 attack for goldeen, 2 for seaking).
    3) since mudkip is at level 1, I will need a stronger pokemon to do the killing for now. If you give it the exp share it will gain the exp and the EVs.
    4) mudkip is at lv 10 and is now strong enough to KO the little slowpoke fools himself. so I move him to the front of the party and change his item. I give him the power weight to hold (check that guide again) and he will now gain +4 HP Evs for every pokemon I kill. so thats now +5 per slowpoke. were in business now. when KOing goldeens I will give it the power bracer, so its now 5 attack EVs per goldeen (6 per seaking). they cut your speed though, so only use them while training.
    5) if you get the pokerus, it will double the EVs from whatever you battle. so that means 2 HP evs while using exp share and 10 EVs while holding a power item (or 12 for seakings). So if I am holding the power weight with pokerus I just need to KO 15 slowpokes.
    well here is how I would raise a mudkip. note that my choice on nature, moves, and EVs are not important, they are up to you. the process is what matters.
    1) pick a nature. since I do a lot of random matchups with only three pokemon, I need some attack power. I will choose adamant (+attack, -SA) because swampy's attack is a lot better than his SA. so I breed mudkips until I find an adamant one.
    2) get your final moveset chosen ahead of time. for my final moves I want:
    - waterfall (HM)
    - earthquake (level up)
    - protect (level up)
    - ice punch (HGSS move tutor. Hes on ss :)
    3) Decide how you want to spread the EVs. I am going to say 252 HP, 252 attack, and 4 speed for simplicity's sake. adds up to 510. 252 is the max per stat.

    I will cover the EV training after I get back from church
    BTW how old are you?
    have you been keeping track of the pokemon you already battled? you get then no matter who you battle. you only have 10 to use so dont waste them. and you can only get 100 trhrough vitimins per stat
    I am not really into fan fiction and would appreciate it if you focused on your mudkip right now. how do you plan to do the EVs?
    this is the standard format for a pokemon:

    pokemon @ item
    nature, ability
    EV spread (must add up to 510)
    - move 1
    - move 2
    - move 3
    - move 4
    levels dont really matter because when youre playing on random matchup or the battle subway anything over level 50 is reset down to lv 50. thats why stats matter so much. now what do you want swampert to do? you could try sweeping, but his speed is pretty slow so youre probably going to attack second most of the time. usually swampert is seen as a tank to take some hits while doing damage. it has a lot of HP, decent defense, and only one weakness
    back to your swamert. if you want to use one competitively first try to breed a mudkip with a good nature. something that lowers your SA would be good because swapert's base SA is so low youre better off putting physical attacks on it because they will be stronger, even with less base power. I really think you should to bread it on platinum or HGSS if you have them that way you can go to the move tutor and learn aqua tail (if you want to. AT has more power but waterfall can cause flinching and is more accurate) and really importantly ice punch. 75 base power might not look special, but consider that most dragons have a 4x weakness to ice. so now it is 300 base power. it also helps you if you run into a grass type (although switching is often a better idea). for an item, there are a lot better than the soft sand. leftovers is a generic option since restoring HP is always good. hope this helps a lot
    in short, no. the pokemon used in competitive battling (like wifi and random matchup) are often kept separate from the ones used in general in the game. this is because people do a lot of work to make sure their pokemon have the best stats possible, but when you play through the game normally the only stat that really matters is having a higher level. so for competitive pokemon people customize their pokemon by trying to get the nature they want. beating a pokemon will give you effort values which boost your stats. in a playthrough it is hard to control what pokemon you face, so they often do this step after the game and go to a place with pokemon that boost only a specific stat. for example, go to the celestial tower if you want to raise your special attack because the litwicks and elgyums give SA EVs. once you got as many EVs as possible it's ok to use it in the game though. even more advanced is trying to get good individual values, which say how strong your stat is, but they are hidden.
    you cant take pokemon from 5th gen back to 4th, if thats what you mean. how do you plan to use your swampert? while playing through the game? on wifi battles? random matchup?
    hey I'm sorry if I sounded kinda rude to you. since you sound kinda new to serious pokemon I would be glad to help you
    You have to beat 7 of us in a competitive wi-fi battle without any breaks.
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