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  • We can all only hope that the sequel will mix correctly and not cheese-ly, if you get my drift.

    (*glances at thy signature* Er... Hate to break it to you, but somebody already claimed Latios. Officially, too. But if you keep on being persistent, Latios will be handed to you disdainfully. Maybe.)
    Brothers are good for that sort of thing. ;P

    Yeah. I always like seeing a conversation with the elderly original [insert thing here] of [insert ancient practice, place, etc. here]. It makes for great understanding of higher beings. They often say thought-provoking things like that mentioned quote. Now we just have to hope no psycho fanboy sees the reference and answers his "Call of Duty"...
    I've read the latest chapter. And I'll be darned: my reviewing powers are playing hide-and-seek with me. But I am almost positive I'll be able to review it tomorrow. So don't think I've abandoned the wagon just yet. ;)
    Yeh, it has something to do with minecraft. And it's in my siggy, its called Legend of Herobrine or The Dark City

    And I'll be looking forward to one of those chapters. I hope that I can summon up my mega review powers when I need them. Sometimes, laziness can be very persistent with me. ;P

    Oh, and welcome aboard. *proceeds to send friend request of super rainbow friendship*
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