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  • Seems like it got automatically pruned by the forum (the last thread on Alt. RMD section is dated 5th April, your thread is posted on 1st April)

    I already put up a reply, so now it gets back to the top.
    Do you mean the entire section, just the threads, or your own thread you posted on that section.

    If it's the last one, when did you post it?
    Wow,I heard you want Rayquaza!XD
    I have pokemon Saphire,so if I can him/her(unknown actually) and I'll trade you for one of your pokemon.:)
    I just realized that you listed the stats of your Torterra, not the EV's like in mine. Mine does have higher stats.
    It just sounded like an insult. Also, my Torterra set is a wall, not an attacker... That's why it has less attack than yours.
    Actually, mine is level 100, too. And I also use a gimmick Choice Specs set I created, so I'm not all the unoriginal, lol.
    Likewise. I also have just EV trained one Torterra since its so bad in standard play, but I used the standard Leech Seed set which is:

    252 Hp/148 Atk/108 Def
    Impish nature
    ~Stealth Rock
    ~Wood Hammer/ Stone Edge
    ~Leech Seed
    well, B/W is meant to be something completely new, hence no old Pokemon before you finished the E4, which means the majority of the area will have no old Pokemon.

    At least you still can get Rayquaza from past Gen using Poketransfer :p
    There's no such event found in the coding for the Celestial Tower, otherwise people would've known about it a long time ago.

    So yeah, that's just a rumor, nothing is true about it.
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