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Last Activity:
Apr 9, 2011
Jun 12, 2009
Likes Received:
Jul 28, 1992 (Age: 27)
Blackthorn City, Johto
University student in Graphic Design

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Dragon Tamer, 27, from Blackthorn City, Johto

leilukin was last seen:
Apr 9, 2011
    1. Venomfrog
      Congratulations on the evolutions! Both Flygon and Walrein are great Pokemon.

      I would aim for level 50, which makes the Elite Four not too easy but also not too hard.
    2. Venomfrog
      Juan has always given me fun battles, like Shedinja vs. Kingdra, the most epic PP war I have ever fought. I will read your happenings.

      Also, I will check your art quite soon (tomorrow if not today due to business), and get back to you in the thread. :)

      Coincidentally, in the same hour you made your thread, I wrote the first Sea Cottage chapter to actually contain the Sea Cottage.
    3. Venomfrog
      Hello, leilukin. I was not expecting a message tonight, but it cheered me up. :)

      I just got out of my first of four exams (Discrete Mathematics, which is prime numbers, logic and A LOT of proofs), and it was not bad at all. I think I did well enough. I have another in the morning, though.

      Congratulations on the Sealeo and good job with the gym win, even if it was tough. A badge is a badge, and that is what matters.

      Thank you for reading and for the comment. I hope you will find that as it progresses it gets a bit better.

      I look forward to seeing your art. I will leave my comments whenever I can.
    4. Venomfrog
      I like Chikorita mainly because the idea of raising a defensively effective Meganium appeals to me, and the Pokemon has a nice design.

      My projected final HGSS team is as follows:


      I intend to have Chikorita and Mareep ready for Falkner and Bayleef, Flaaffy and Natu for Falkner, giving me a decent chance to win both of those battles.
    5. Venomfrog
      I have some bad Rollout memories, too. All of them involve my Shedinja on one side and a Wailmer, Marill or Dunsparce on the other.

      I have heard countless reports of Whitney being difficult, so it will be interesting once I get HGSS to see for myself if she gives me a good challenge. She probably will, since I do not like Machop enough to train it.

      My main concerns, though, are Falkner and Bugsy, since I fully intend to train Chikorita.
    6. Venomfrog
      Good job getting Vibrava. Right now I am too busy training an Ursaring to get a Trapinch, but Flygon is my next intended team member.

      Azumarill's Rollout was a good, unique way to dispose of Altaria.

      Ah, memories of Rollout... when my little old Aron from my first run got a critical hit on the fifth turn to send Norman's Slaking into the infirmary.

      Thank you for subscribing 'Sea Cottage'. It can be a bit slow, but trust me - there is a battle scene in Chapter 4 (release date two days from now), and from there the action picks up. See it as a personal journal of the hero.
    7. Venomfrog
      The first chapter of my story is posted! Be sure to check it out.
    8. Lucariofan-atic
      Thanks XD
      btw good luck for your next event egg. hope you'll get one later, ok? : D
    9. Lucariofan-atic
      Only start on December 1?? : o
    10. Lucariofan-atic
      My school holiday just started on December 17, actually DX
      Mid-November?? Sure that sounds nice XD
    11. Venomfrog
      Those drawings would be nice to see.

      Pokemon artists are always appreciated. This Finnish boy I befriended on another forum has agreed to do a drawing of one of my story's important scenes, and as soon as it is done I was going to make a banner out of it.

      Good luck on your final exams. I have my own in 7-12 days.
    12. Venomfrog
      It is about an 18-year-old fellow from Lavaridge Town who, driven out of Hoenn by some people I will not identify, travels across the Pokemon world in search of what he needs to return.

      After a long conversation with Skull-Kid, I have already decided to start posting it on Serebii on Saturday.
    13. Venomfrog
      Congratulations on the win. Flannery is my favourite Gym Leader and she gave me a very hard time. Also, good job getting Trapinch! May it be a great battler and friend for you.

      I still have fond memories of that Torkoal vs. Torkoal standoff I detailed in the R/S/E Recent Happenings.

      I am not bad, but I am overloaded with schoolwork and overall stressed, which explains why I have not posted much and not updated the Recent Happenings since Nov. 13. I have a large update in the works, though.

      Also, I have been writing a fan fiction which is currently at 136 pages and has been quite successful at another forum, but I am not sure whether or not to post it at Serebii.
    14. Forever&Always
      Hello Seattle was the first one I heard about.. Close to two years ago.
    15. Lucariofan-atic
      Wow, that sounds difficult, is it?
      what? The assistant monitor is Indonesian? :o
      Haha, thanks. hope you'll get one on the next event :3
    16. Forever&Always
      yes :]
      i just dislike how Owl City has so much fame just because of Fireflies.
    17. Lucariofan-atic
      Hi there! How're you? XD
    18. Venomfrog
      Trapinch is very strong though. When I was training it it could take pretty much anything out with Strength. I agree about dragons being difficult to train but greatly rewarding. Altaria took a while to obtain, but the cotton dragon has been an amazing supporter. Safeguard has won battles for me and Altaria can sweep if needed as well.

      Enjoy your new game as much as possible. Also, are you going to challenge Steven, the Battle Frontier and the leaders after the Elite 4 this time?
    19. Venomfrog
      That is exactly why I restarted Emerald (well, aside from the initial games dying). I simply love training different Pokemon.

      Some advice about Trapinch: do not lose patience. It takes a lot of training to even get a Vibrava, but it is worth it. I am considering getting a Trapinch and raising a Flygon since my second game ended before I could get one, but I used one in the Battle Factory and it is a great Pokemon.
    20. Venomfrog
      Heh. Colliding posts by the two of us. xD

      That is a good team. I love the idea of Walrein. Good luck training one, though, Sealeo takes a while to evolve.
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    Jul 28, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Blackthorn City, Johto
    University student in Graphic Design
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Malaysian. Had been introduced to Pokemon since 1999.

    Reading, art, Internet surfing, Pokemon games


    [​IMG] Me @ DeviantArt [​IMG]

    Credit to {(•)___(•)} for the Shroomish and Breloom eggs.