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  • Hey, Lemon Tea... I just wanted to say hi. I hope you're doing well. Also just wondering... what kind of motorcycle did Kent have?
    He totally has. It's been a week since he was introduced. He has gone through the same training and explination as the rest of the group.
    I was well aware of the electronics not working in the Court... (I mentioned electronics not working while he was in his apartment) but when I read your post and saw the part about riding the motorcycle, I thought that personal vehicles somehow defied that rule. So I didn't forget--I just thought you knew what you were posting. Which I guess is still an epic fail on my part.

    I guess I'll edit my post to having Halberd walk to school then... though it will take a long time. (Which isn't much of an issue, since I previously had him drive around very slowly for who knows how long anyway.)
    I know, it actually the same with SoS, I haven't been in a RPG with him since last year. Yes it should be fun; though if you say that outloud he'll get mad. He has the Edward Elric syndrome. But all he'll do is try to prove that he's better than you at anything he can find.
    eh, it's actually just an estimate of their apptitudes after reading their sign-ups. I use that to give bonuses on certain attemtped tasks depending on how skilled they should be in it. If your character is strong, you'll be more likely to push a boulder (not a weak character can't have a burst of stength), and a person will high willpower is less likely to be affected by a charm spell. Things like that.
    x3! History ftw :3 Haha, that's a nice choice, you get a wider scope. :3 Do you have a period that interests you most, or is it more of a general thing~? :3
    Wow~! That's a nice combination. x3 Enjoying it? I'm just straight History, with an Italian leaning. x3 Would've gone for minor in something else but my University is stingy about that, haha. x3
    x3! *squishes* Haha, I flicked through those the other day as well - good times, good times. :3 I'm back in a sense, I couldn't resist- I've had a long summer. x3 I think I may even join a RPG as well for the heck of it. :x

    How are you, what have you been up to~? :3 I saw that you have a Persona rp? <3
    Funny that you should mention Clannad - she was specifically reminding me of Kotomi. Seeing as there's a gap on the right side of her hair, I think she may be it.

    EDIT: Nope. Search'd and this is the image you used. Pretty sure I don't recognize her. Ah, well.
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