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  • hi lemon i must seem very boring 2 u because this is all i say 2 u and im sorry if i am but im in a new school and i aint got the time to think of stuff 2 talk about
    You know trying to burn someone when you just got burned.. is an epic fail :3 and so sorry no moar rawst berries are in my posts.

    By the way if you are going to give advice, why don't you take a lesson from me- you're slipping into spamming again Lemon 83
    Oh Lemon, Lemon, Lemon.

    Thank you for your crit Yami, but to be honest, I really dont respect you anymore which is reason why I dont "like" your crit anymore. I once appreciated your crit, so when I decided to do you a favour of giving the crit back at me, you spat it in my face.
    You didn't do me a favor- I pointed out all your problems in each of my posts. And pretty politely for the most part. You're the one that spat in my face first- because you claimed the sprite was 'bad in multiple places' and yet only showed the one leaf :/ it took you untill NOW Lemon to show the rest of the places where the sprite was bad, or even do more than insult me. Cause I mean going lolz Yami I thought you were better than that! is spam, not crit.

    But fine I don't care if you don't take my crit either :D I'll just go delete my post if it's not going to be taken!
    I wanted to know how to get the tilesets and database and stuff for pokemon, i cant find anything anywhere
    Could you help me with te basics of RPG XP??
    ... Wow.

    Lemon all I did was turn the scenario around where I was acting like you- in my own thread, I had asked you, and what crit you did give was pretty much apparently, only over one detail in one place- and I can't 'blow up' over a 'perfectionist'?

    I'm not trying to act smarter than you :/ cause if I was I'd point out you're swearing worse than a sailor stung by a bee.
    So let me get this straight, if I made a post basically proclaiming, you know what your sprite sucks, why? The outline is all horrible!

    And then you asked me, where, what, when lol?

    And then I say again omg I expected better of you!

    And you say wait why don't you point out WHERE

    And I go OH LOL HERE RIGHT HERE JUST HERE and make a big, blowup of, an eye.

    You're not gonna be all ... oh god it's a perfectionist?

    And yes I came to your profile about this, why? Posting in my thread would have just started up more drama you, kitsune and jakepwnsyou were trying to stir up.

    So I think it's fair to say if you won't tell me for lets see what was it, three times, all of the problems with my sprites, that your crit is redundant, isn't it :/
    Because Lemon- all you did was ***** about one leaf. I'm not even going to look at the crit for any of it- if you had brought it up in the first post; if you had brought it up in the second post. If you had actually done anything outside of making it seem like you were just being a perfectionist.

    Your opinion would have a point with me now- and I would actually even look at what you posted in my VM- but no. Not now, not ever. Why should I listen to you Lemon :/

    One of the petal-leaves on Meganium's neck, has, oh gods, has a non perfect outline. That's like me looking at a decent story and just attacking it cause someone slipped and did a verbal flub. The way you were OVER DRAMATIZING IT, had me thinking, where the **** is such a serious problem?

    Then wow.

    One. Leaf. Set. You. Off.

    There's also the fact that I rarely see you give out decent crit in the first place- I've had to either go in after you, or expand upon what you did.

    So you want to come to my thread, and nag at me for not taking crit? When you- nor Kitsune did NOTHING to explain or expand or SUGGEST upon what was wrong with the saturation or suggest WHAT I should do? Atleast Medical gave me a tip!

    What advice can I take from your posts, outside you, and several others have personal vendetta's out against me?

    Thanks. For. Nothing.
    Lemon- quite frankly I find it hard to take crit from someone who had a coniption fit over one leaf. And it took three posts, with me ASKING repeatedly, for what was so offensive, to finally get it. And when I get it, what is the offense that is so eye burning?
    If only it was mine~
    I can only dream.

    They are aocom's, which are in my RPG's dex. haha.

    But thank you, darling. [:
    It would be great if you make one, it would greatly help a few people i know >>
    I wanted to know how do you increase the playback speed of HC2. You know, the program used to put tuts on YouTube. As soom as I fogure that out, I'll post a few of my sprite making videos.
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