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  • Your pic is wonderful
    I got this sync pair today
    Love Diantha
    Thank-you! I instantly fell in love with it once I saw it. I think I am going to have to play masters now!
    I highly recommend it.
    I started playing it 5.5 months ago and I enjoy every second
    They always upload new content and there r daily stuff to do
    So it is a nice therapy for me
    Hii do u recommend watching the new digimon reboot series? I watched the first episode but it wasnt that good...
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    Yes yes yes yes yes watch it all!! It has a few slow episodes in the beginning, but once they get into the digital world, it gets so much better. The action is amazing compared to the past series.
    The thing is I only watched Digimon Tamers and I really liked it
    Hii are u Cardcapture Sakura fan?
    Oh yes, I watched it. It was nice BUT..... They just ENDED the series on clifhanger. The plot wasn't solved....
    The manga still going on but they said no word on a new season and its been 2.5 years!
    Oh! That actually makes me more excited to watch it knowing theres a cliff hanger. I am curious if they'll do a movie to finish up the series? I think I heard that Sailor Moon crystal was ending with a movie, maybe it's the same deal here. Either way, thank-you for re-animating my excitement for me!
    Really? That....makes me feel sad :( I feel sad no one else seems firmilur with clear card, i meant, not your online talking issues (i'm cool with that). Anime like ccs should be more popular >_>;; instead of all that 'manly' junk i NEVER understood....sorry, didn't mean to call it junk, it just bothers me when EVERYONE I MET seems to ADORE 'boy' things and i've always been a very girly girl and never understood that stuff at all :( Up till, like, maybe i got into korrina. Its helped me...sort of understand. But i still don't like being different.
    Ohhh! I just noticed you have a card captor sakura profile image! :3 I really liked that anime too.
    Hi :) We haven't talked in awhile. I guess I wasn't sure what to talk about with you.

    I'm curious about your daydreams :3 feel free to tell me more about them if you like.

    I have many different daydreams of korrina. I've pretty much turned her into my imaginary friend, since i think about her constantly xD
    Yep, Pokemon fan since the ripe young age of 11. Plan on staying one forever!

    I would battle again right now, but my mom freaked me out earlier, so i don't really wanna go downstairs and be near her...>.>;;;
    I deleted my post in the "Is Sun & Moon any good" thread to avoid an XYZ vs SM argument. I'll learn to interpret people's posts as an opinion next time. Thanks for telling me this.
    Other than chain fishing (which is the quickest and easiest method), no, all of my random encounters (including Registeel) were the result of windfall luck.
    I would want to wake up from the umpteenth false shiny dreams I have.

    I have saw neither of those movies, but I have read a synopsis a while back for the Genesect one.

    I do occasionally get a dream that I have so much fun with, I try not to wake up from them.
    I had this dream that I was watching the Volcanion movie. Of course, being a dream, the details were fabricated, and do not hold anything to the actual movie.

    So the dream revolved around other Volcanion, with the leader having a shiny red crown. This is similar to the leader of the Genesect five.

    The other part of the dream revolved around Dawn. Hearing that Ash needed her help, she showed immense disdain. She told the messenger that she was better off without him, and it was revealed that she plays soccer with her Pokemon (I guess that was a replacement for contests).

    This wasn't consequential or anything, but I thought I would share it with someone.
    I totally agree but that's what makes us special :p

    BTW if you are still looking for a shiny Murkrow I have one and I'm happy to give it to you.
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