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  • Um, did you remove the lilipup? If not, did you add your location by using he globe at the Pokemon center?
    Oh, I forgot, I was distracted by the Autumn friendly and stuff. I'll send of the Haxorus now.
    Sorry for the late response, I got one of my first legend of zelda games, so I've been distracted from pokemon lately. I can't do it right now, but I'll get do the trade later.
    Yep, any random one. Tell me what it is when you put it on the GTS.

    While you're at it, would you prefer a DW gligar or togepi? I have both.
    No, sorry. I have DW female Lickytung and Gligar, though. I don't have many DW females.
    Hey, that's convenient, I can't find any offers from Singapore, so this should be rather easy. :D I would like you to leave a patrat, lilipup, or some other pokemon that you don't want and offer it for a Haxorus. Once I send my Haxorus over, I would like you to start using the hondew berries. Then, look for a female, lv.1 eevee from the United States of America, a try to find one being offered for a Haxorus. If it's my Eevee, which it probably will be, it will have it's DW ability, and you can keep it.
    Where I live, you're getting on pretty early in the morning, I don't think it will be easy to do this....

    I'll try to figure out a tricky way to do this through the GTS, so we can trade while we're on at different times. I'll give you my plan later.

    Edit: It'll be easier to find a way to do it if you tell my what country you are in, and that you register it at the large globe in the pokemon center. This could make searching through the GTS for each other's pokemon more specific.
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