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  • Well, you're going to have a hard time doing that, as most of the guys have left serebii =S
    I have kept contact with some of em through FB and a few through skype, but that's it.
    The forum now mostly works for people to tell each other how they're going and reminisce about the times that passed...
    It's sad man :S
    I used to stop by there everyday, even though I knew no one had posted. I kept my hope alive for ages, I was even planning a joke fic starring the guys... But since the place died I never had the motivation to write more than two separate scenes (not even a small chapter worth)

    I should stop by there again, though.
    Eh, not too bad I guess. A lot of school work lately but I find the time to get on the internet.

    How about you?
    We still tried to keep things alive with the site, but that only lasted for... a year?
    I mean, its still online, and a post does creep up every other month or so, but its all but abandoned considering things.
    We used to have so much fun, and the club was the most active in all of Serebii. It was awesome xD
    Not with a lot of them, no... The only ones I talk to frequently were Yani, Kat and Ole. Especially Yani. Everyone else just kinda... drifted apart.
    What about you?
    Oh hey man, haven't seen you in ages xD
    I've been pretty good man, all things considered. Entered and am now just about done with university, am in a long term relationship with this girl, and have been doing somewhat well in most things. How have you been holding up?
    Right now? Not really, sorry. It's getting late where I live and I'm going to call it a day
    Så.. det var bare en kirkeleir for flere dager med å ikke gjøre en drit?

    Glad at du er hjemme igjen nå da?
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