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Recent content by lethal Xsanity

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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Watched this yesterday and noticed it, just a little reference inside joke.
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    Why do you think the writers went for a full clean slate this generation?

    He didn't have a goal in mind, Oak just wanted him to tag along on his vacation/business trip and Ash decided to stay there.
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    Am I the only one?

    Yes, we are of the same generation. :] I also got Yellow in '99. I was 4.
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    Lmao omg I forgot about this completely. This has to be the most creepiest and unexplainable thing in Pokemon. Hands down!
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    The league of ultimate trainers.

    Any Order.
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    Pidgeot, Noctowl, Swellow, or Staraptor?

    Let's see, Pidgeot is like the first one that alot of us had so he is like kinda sorta the best. But not really. You see, In the 2nd Gen Hoothoot/Noctowl don't replace the Pidgey line, they actually replace the Spearow line. I actually prefer Noctowl over Pidgeot but it is limited with poor...
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    The league of ultimate trainers.

    So do you need someone to be interim champion? ^.^ he.he. I doubt anybody will reach the final battle soon anyway.
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    The league of ultimate trainers.

    Yeahh I'll still play Pokemon ^.^ lol. Just not as much as I did this summer. Kinda hard to fit it around School/Work/Social life. All in all, Pokemon is my past time. =]
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    The league of ultimate trainers.

    Hey guys I'm back but, only to inform you that I won't be able to participate any longer. I'm about to be very busy and instead of going on hiatus, I'm forfieting my spot as Gym Leader this instant. Sorry I can't be around any longer and, if I do find the time I will finish the banners but...
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    Official HG/SS Recent Happenings Thread - [READ THE FIRST POST]

    I hope you have more master balls because Latios is relatively the easiest legendary to catch :/
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    The league of ultimate trainers.

    Yeah Thanks, He's one of the two Pokemon I've needed to fix up. He wasn't originally gonna be part of the team anyway but in previous battles he's actually done good so I haven't worked on re-placing him. I might while I'm away.
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    The league of ultimate trainers.

    New Winner of the Bug Badge-Foxyman1167*GYM CLOSED FOR A WEEK* He'll update it no worries. ***Gym Battle Update*** Just got sweeped by Foxyman1167 Wiped out my 2 in a row win streak. And with that note,I'll be closing the gym for a week. Will be back the 13th, Really sorry for not...
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    The league of ultimate trainers.

    I actually battled 2 challengers and Defeated them in the morning :S But it's okay :D lol.
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    The league of ultimate trainers.

    It was an awesome battle Pkmner. I edited my last post in the last page with the Update in case you guys missed it. I won't be doing in Gym to Gym Battles yettt, I'ma take a break for now.
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    The league of ultimate trainers.

    Gym Battle with Pkmner! I guess I'm the next level in difficulty ;D ***Gym Battle Update*** Just had a pretty Epic battle with Pkmner, he challenged my gym and, it came down to the final Pokemon of each of our teams in which I just managed to win. Wish I could give details but, it did...