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  • Not bad, just enjoying some Forum Games, banning people, getting ninja'd, among other things. Happy Thanksgiving in case you're celebrating it.
    One who wants to be different? And one who's fav type hasn't come out yet? Looool

    I stop to ban you for a nice reason and I get slapped down :p
    I was going to ban you for something along the lines of "Dr's rarely believe anyone or anything" but I didn't want to get a warning.... lol :|

    My DR thinks I'm crazy lol
    I doubt it. If you check his VM's I gave him a link to a website with a wholellota creepy stuff.

    We're in for a long haul....

    What was his sig before the head? I can't remember. O_O
    The downside of a lotta faaamily.

    The drama :/ lol

    I hope it will and I hope it's as..... unique grotesque as his current one
    Lol no-one in this country eats pumpkin lol....

    Woah! that's a big family. But then it must be nice to have them all together?

    I know, I know. I just have to ban the pig
    I haven't had it in years! :|

    Oh, do you have a big family?

    Silly me... course you do. There's Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon and Sylveon....
    Pretty meh

    Tho I love the banned thread. Haven't laughed like this in ages.

    I know, a life is needed.

    Yeah. the UK doesn't celebrate it. But I have a lot of family in America so I've been through a few thanksgivings. I really like and miss it :|

    I'm still not comfortable looking at it... tho I did view the video where it came from +_+

    Anyway at least it keeps things interesting? :p

    What were you cooking earlier? :)
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