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  • Oh, right. I have a hell of a lot of homework to do >_<

    Yea, same here. Everyone always seems busy. Although, to be fair, it was Easter today, lol.
    True. I think we'll just have to wait.

    Lol. I have longer holidays because I have a long School Day, so yea.

    Yea, I think it is, lol. Fail.

    Btw, sorry about my random disappearance.
    Lol, tbh, optimism normally fails where Mod Management is concerned.

    That's a shame. Yea, for another two weeks.

    Alright, I won't. Shiny Azumarril is win, despite being bright pink.
    I doubt he'll ever get a reply. Joe's really busy, and idk how he takes talk about Mods.

    Lol. Right now, it seems like nothing to me xD

    I don't think I did... I'll go check, but I won't post anything else if you're leaving the Thread.
    Because I don't need to be there. While I'm still in a hell of a lot of pain, nothing unexpected has gone wrong as of yet. If I went in, I'd just get sent straight back.

    Yea, I believe Eon contacted Joe a while back asking about IGRMT Mods, although idk if he ever replied.

    Yea, I am, which is frustrating because it still feels like I'm in hospital.
    Not really. They let me out because I no longer needed to be in there, but I'm still not well at all.

    Lol. It'll stay like that until the Raters start to improve.

    Yea. I basically have no life atm.

    Um. In Hospital, lol. I've had a kinda rough week.

    Awesome :) Speaking of RMT, lol @ IGRMT right now. As always, it sucks.

    I'm not too good, tbh.
    Ohai ^_^

    I'm alright, and you?

    Lol, yea, I know. Everything just so ugh. It's really annoying...

    Btw, don't be surprised if I randomly disappear. I may have to go at any time.
    Yea, I can see that you love Art from your shop. It's awesome ^_^

    Wow, that early? And I hate stuff where you just have to write essays... It'll be a lot harder to avoid homework next year.

    The new gimmick team? I saw it, looks fun. I might rate it, but I know nothing about the Pokémon you are using, really.
    I don't know what I want to do yet. I'm interested in Music, Art, and Sport, but I don't want any of them as careers. I just enjoy them. I'll probably end up doing something with Science because that's one of the things I'm alright at. So, I may have to go to Uni if I want a good degree. But I might not, depending on how long the course will take. I don't want to spend my whole life in education -_-

    Oh, right, ok.

    Nothing much. What can you do at 1 AM? xD Wow, you only just finished? Wow. How much do you get?
    Yea, it is optional to leave School at 16 (I'll actually be 15) but that's pretty pointless because you won't get very far without any good qualifications. College is a must, IMO, and University is very good. Although I'm not sure if I'll actually do University or not.

    I'd assume the same. So, you must be 16 or 17 years old?
    Yea, that's right. Although my School is also a college anyway so I'll just stay here.

    Unless you started School later or earlier than me, then that would be about right.
    Yea, I get it I think... It's not always hard. Sometimes it is.

    Do you mean what Year am I in? We don't use the Grade system in England. I'm 15, so in Year 11 of School. And you?
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