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  • They rate on and off in spurts. They'll rate for a few weeks, then be bums for another few weeks.
    You get picked by one of the higher-ups.
    I don't have the patience for it, honestly. I'm too crass with some people. TBR could do it though.
    No problem. It's the friendly thing to do :)

    TBR told me. It's so nice to see somebody with potential in IGRMT, with you being the first one in months.
    Ahh, I see.

    I wasn't saying that Salamence had Base 90, but that it had to outspeed base 90.

    With the HP, I was saying that it gets 80 HP EVs, not base 80.

    Lol, sorry about that :) Just read over it a couple of times. You'll soon get used to handling stuff like that.
    Wow... too much information. But don't worry, I will get into it. Also, where do you see that Salamence has a 90 Base spe and a 80 Base HP? In Smogon, it says 100 and 90 respectively.
    I see you are using your resources well. Smogon is good, even for in-game stuff.

    You are right about the Attack thing. Any Salamence, Adamant or Jolly, should be using 252 EVs in it.

    With Speed, you kind of have the idea, but you should be asking, why specifically do I use 176? Why not something higher? I use 176 Spe because Adamant Salamence will never outspeed a Max Spe. Pokémon with higher than 90 Base Spe. However, the Base 90s often run a +Atk or SpA nature. Therefore, Salamence should be aiming to outspeed them, because they are the most immediate beatable threat. Assuming that they run 252 Spe EVs, they will all have a Speed stat of 279. 176 Spe EVs give Salamence a Speed stat of 280, meaning that you will never fail to outspeed them. You can't risk running any lower because this will result in a Speed tie, which you have a 50% chance of losing.

    The rest is invested in HP for Bulk. Note that, with 80 EVs, Salamence has an odd HP Stat. This is important because it means you can switch into Stealth Rock 4 times and still be alive. If a Pokémon has a weakness to Stealth Rock, and has an Even HP, then 4 EVs should be moved from HP into Def. or SpDef.

    Sorry if that was a bit confusing, but it is a decent example of how EVs can be much better used than just 252 / 252 / 4. If an Adamant Salamence was to run the standard Spread, then it would be wasting a good 80 EVs which, if you want to do really well, you can't have.
    Lol, not being arrogant is always a good start. If you already know the basics with EVs, i.e the standard 252 / 252 / 4 stuff, then you might want to consider more complex things. For example, one I made earlier is this;
    Adamant Salamence with 80 HP / 252 Atk / 176 Spe.
    Any ideas why?

    And yeah, I noticed that your Posts per Day is only 0.06. Fair enough, you don't have to be completely active. You just need to know what you're talking about when you are active.
    Awesome :)
    It doesn't matter. My advice to you is, if you want to do well, then start by watching the other raters and learn from what they say. People like me, Eon Master, AlCario, ungulateman, Grumpy Snorlax, and randomn00b are IGRMT's regulars, and some of the best you can learn from, if I do say so myself. Watch what we do, and try what you have learned from us on other people's teams and ideas. The one thing you must not do, though, is get arrogant. You need to stay on the good side of the raters, something which people like Terry. T have unfortunately failed to do. Besides, IGRMT isn't all about skill. I think you will do well because you have the right attitude to it. You want to do well, and that's all you need. Although, it would be beneficial for you to learn how EVs work. That's important if you want to become recognised in IGRMT.
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