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  • Well, if you need help restoring your roster of shiny flawlesses, just look in my shop and feel free to pick a few. :)
    That is really devastating news about what happened with the person you hired to RNG.

    I am curious however. How did you suspect that there all being hacked?

    EDIT: I do agree though with what everyone else is saying. You are a very reliable and trustworthy trader. Even though the trades we are able to conduct are slim to none.
    That really sucks that your RNGer turned out to be a hacker... Hopefully it doesn't have a big impact on your reputation. I can vouch for you being an honorable and legit trader ^^
    Oh, and about your shop: Don't close it. It's among the best there is on the Forums, and it's great seeing you around. :)
    I saw your post in the blacklist thread. Just because one person scammed you doesn't mean that your reputation is ruined.

    I have trusted you for quite a while now, and you have never failed to deliver the highest possible service when I needed it.

    If you need to look to my shop for help in compensating those lost because of this hacker, I will be glad to help you out.
    Please friend don't close your shop, I saw the blacklist post :( It's ok just to get rid of all the shinies and keep the events, I loved your shop! :)
    hey i got a shiny thor from you for rgn can i have a refund vm me back please
    Hey there. Wow, sorry for your loss..
    He actually came to my shop before asking to be an RNGer. Good thing I turned him down because someone already applied for my last slot..
    That'd be fun :)

    I don't see a lot of people using Sigilyph in their teams. I don't get it. I haven't tried him out on a Sandstorm team, but I'd assume he fits in quite nicely, right?
    I'm kind of in a clan already, sorry :p Gilde Von Vier.
    Thanks for the offer, though!

    I personally really like the Cosmic Power Sigilyph. It's unbelievable how many 3-1s I've clutched with it :p A lot of people seem to not know how to counter it :p
    Haha, I've always liked Dragonite, so he gets my vote. Good luck at the tournament. What's your team like?
    Oh, and do you play on PO? If so, wanna battle some time? I suck, but it's pretty fun :D
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