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  • what a terrible week for me, a week before my birthday gotten very sick, common cold and foodborne illness - managed to recover enough on my 35th birthday Dec 13th
    a drawing I been working on - background is of a library in Kansas City, Missouri
    LOVE This NEW Avatar. :)
    Yup, Hear Its BAD, Heard There's Like 9 Cases In My Town From What I Heard. But Things Are Good On My End. Just Been Hanging On Internet And Playing Animal Crossing. :)
    OOF... R.I.P.

    Ok, Surprised U NEVER Heard Of Him LOL... There Were Jokes Of People Throwing Stuff Into Garbage Can Or Buckets Saying "KOBE!" When Throwing LOL.
    Who Are These People U Mentioned?
    OOF... I Think I Heard They HAVE To Stay Open Because People Need Food.

    As Of Monday 8 PM, We Have To Stay Indoors. :/ And Yeah... 2020 OFFICIALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! And I Thought It Was BAD When Kobe Bryant Died... :(
    DAMN!! SURPRISED Ur STILL Working!! O____O But Yeah, All I Ask Is U Be Safe, Since Washington Is STILL In BAD SHAPE Right Now. I'm NOT CONDEMNED To Houses Yet.

    Black Widow Has Been Delayed, So May 1st Is OFF The Table Now. And It Will Air At An Unknown Date. :/
    If U Were Excited For No Time To Die, It Got Pushed To November Due To The STUPID Virus Right Now!! :/ Hope You're Doing Ok Where U Are, Since I've Heard There Are Outbreaks Of The Virus In Your State, So Stay Safe.
    Ah, Pixels Was EH To Me. Was A Steroptypical BAD Adam Sandler Film, But DIDN'T HATE Myself Watching It TBH. That's Fine. Just Feels GTA/Grand Theft Auto The Movie At Certain Parts LOL!! :)

    That's Fine. I Do Think It Was Still A Fun Pixar Film. :) Captited Sibling Dynamics And Magic Well. :)
    Understable. It's Ok.

    Yep LOL. Like In This Trailer... Cars Getting To Another Island?! THAT'S COMPLETE INSANITY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh No! This Is SUPER SERIOUS!! Like I Kid U Not, The First Film Has Like BARELY ANY TALKING!! It''s A SERIOUS Monster Horror One.
    Oh Ok Good, It's Not Just Me Then, Ok. But Still, I Am Sorry For NOT Responding Right Away.

    Yep, REALLY Enjoy First Minions Film, (And First 2 Despicable Me Films, 3rd One's Ok)
    Fast And Furious HAS DUMB Logic Behind It, But It Is Fun. :)
    Yup, Basically Invisible Man Is A Remake From The 30's, And A Quiet Place Is Just A Solid Horror Thriller With Monsters. :)
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