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  • Sorry Bout That. I'll Send Up Some Reviews Soon.

    But Yes, I Can Understand Those 2. But Endgame... Is Just A PERFECT Film! NO FLAWS WHATSOEVER!!
    Yup LOL, Because EVERYTHING HAS To Be Connected To Another Film LOL!!!

    Yup, Tho With The Jungle Book,There Were Some Definitive Differences In Tha Film.
    Yeah... U CAN ARGUE It Was That XD. But Yeah. The Movie... Other Thern SOME Differences, It's BASICALLY A Shot By Shot Remake Of The Original Film. But Yes, Basically Grew Up Watching Blue Planet And Planet Earth LOL!! :) But Yeah, U COULD Say It's Disappointing.
    Now... What Was Your Opinion On The Lion King 2019? Ur Either On The Side Of U Liked It, Or U Find It A MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT On Many Levels. Me, I Liked It For The Most Part. :) A- From Me.
    Anything Else U Want To See Coming Up? I Saw The New Animated Addams Family Film Last Night, Gave It A B. And Now Today I'm Going To Go See Zombieland 2 With My Friend. :)
    Yeah, It Was I Think A Cool Concept Movie From The Trailers, But Got FORCED Into Becoming A Conjuringverse Movie Because Of The Annabelle Reference Cameo, And The Priest From Annabelle Cameoing. But Man... The Film Was Just SOOOOOOOOOO DREADFULLY BOOOOOORRRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!! NOTHING HAPPENS!!!
    U Referring To The Original Miniseries With Tim Curry As The One Scaring U LOL? I Thought U'd Compare It To The First Film From 2 Years Ago LOL

    Which Film LOL? U See The One That Came Out Recently (Comes Home) Or Are U Confusing It With Either The Original Or Creation?

    Yup, Heard It Was Unfaithful. It Was Basically NOT SCARY, And Was VERY STUPID!! -_______-
    What Did U Think Of It Chapter 2 Then? I Liked It Personally. Yeah... It Was A Little Down In Quality From The First Film, But Still Thought It Was Good. :) Well Annabelle Comes Home Is Now Out On Demand And DVD. :) And La Llorona WAS This Year And... U Heard My Thoughts LOL... X__________X
    LOL. :)

    I'm Guessing NO, But Gonna THROW Some Movies That MAYBE Were What U Saw And CAN'T Remember. Annabelle Comes Home, It Chapter 2?
    Far From Home Has Been WEIRD... Like... I CAN'T DECIDE If It's A Or A- For Me LOL. I Think It Is A... But Still NOT 100% Sure If U Get What I Mean. U See Mid And Post Credit Scenes? Me... O_____________O Probably The BEST Credit Scenes We've Had In A VERY LONG TIME!! O______O

    What Did U Think Of Lion King? I Liked It, But Man... People Are SOOOOOO DIVIDED On It LOL!!
    OOF... X_____________________X That SUCKS LOL!!!

    I Can Understand. U Asked Me A Decade Ago, I Probably Wouldn't Give 2 DAMNS About These 3 LOL... However... Bug Types... Have Slowly Grown On Me LOL!! :) Parasect I've Just Oddly Loved/Liked Last 4 Years. And Then Both Ariados And Pinsir For About A Year Because I've Run Into SOOOOOO MANY In Pokemon Go LOL!! :)
    OOF... 9 Hours Of Work... X____________X

    Ok, I Have A Feeling We DID Talk Captain Marvel And Endgame. But We DEFINITELY DID NOT Discuss Spider-Man... What Did U Think Of It?

    Saw Lion King, Detective Pikachu Twice (I Think I Did Say That.) HMMMM...... Don't Know Others LOL...
    So... What Movies Have U Seen Lately If Any? Since... I Haven't Talked Very Much This Year Is I Don't Know If U've Seen The MCU's Movies This Year, But I Think U Have.
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